Cruise high-speed Wi-Fi, the last days of US Airways, Driverless buses

Carnival Corp. brings high-speed Wi-Fi to all global brands by 2016 After years of complaints from passengers, cruise lines are beginning to tackle the problems of affordable Wi-Fi on cruise ships. The service is already available on 30 ships and the rollout is expected to be finished by the end of 2016. “With this approach, […]

Beware of travel industry doublespeak

It’s for your own good. Travelers are hearing these words more often than ever, and they are being applied to increasingly unwelcome scenarios. The latest example: being unable to access WiFi in your hotel without incurring an added charge. In August, the American Hotel & Lodging Association and Marriott filed a petition with the Federal […]

Is Marriott’s Wi-Fi hotspot U-turn a hollow victory?

As I reported last month in my column, “Google and Microsoft join the fight against Marriott blocking guests’ MIFI” Marriott, with the support of the American Hospitality & Lodging Association, has been fighting with the FCC over how hotels should be permitted to manage their Wi-Fi Internet access. Marriott, for reasons I will discuss below, […]

Google and Microsoft join the fight against Marriott blocking guests’ MIFI

I’ve stayed at hotels that charge $20/day or more for high speed Internet access, charge extra to connect more than two devices per room, and had high speed Internet in name only, unless you paid an extra fee for “real” high speed. To eliminate those issues I use a personal cellular mobile Wi-Fi hotspot (MIFI). […]

New Hilton brand, WiFi in NY subway, airport food trucks

Hilton launches new Canopy hotel brand Hilton is launching a new hotel brand, called Canopy. It will be a new brand with a new twist. Uniqueness will be part of its identity. Hilton said that its new brand will incorporate five main elements into the design of each hotel, namely: great neighborhoods, market-driven approach, comfort […]

Should hotels be allowed to block competing WiFi?

Have you ever stayed at a hotel with an Internet charge of $20 per day or more, a limit on your use of its WiFi to two devices per room, a separate daily charge for Internet use for each connected device, or found the hotel’s network too slow for your needs? I’ve encountered all the […]

Wireless safety tips for travelers

by Jillian Ryan, Private WiFi’s Director, Content and Social Media Strategy. Warning: There is an invisible security threat that you will encounter on your next vacation. No matter where you are going or when, you will likely encounter WiFi on your journey. While the convenience of such a connection is alluring to any vacationer, understanding […]