Weekend what we’re watching: Keeping airports open during winter, defining business class, possible pilot shortages

We look at how Scandinavian airports manage to keep their airports open even with days of non-stop snow. We have an explanation of what defines business class and discover that it is not too easy a class to define. And, USA Today takes a look at the possible pilot shortage new rules and low pay may be creating.

Rental car tips for winter travel

Winter weather is upon the US, especially in the South and Northeast. Frigid temperatures, snow, ice, and sleet have caused canceled flights and shutdown roads. Many accidents and huge vehicle pileups on US highways have increased. Ned Levi has a dozen tips for travelers taking to the road in winter to consider when renting a car.
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What we’re reading: Are pilots too dependent on technology? Is TSA incompetent? Flights canceled in northeast US

Are pilots too dependent on technology? Is TSA incompetent? Flights canceled in Northeast US

6 tips for severe winter weather travel photography

Winter weather photography is extremely challenging. Snow, freezing rain, other precipitation and extremely low temperatures can cause camera and lens operational problems for photographers and permanently damage camera's and lens' mechanical and electronic parts. Ned Levi discusses the problems of making photographs in winter weather and how to overcome them.
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5 free winter activities in Montréal

Winter is for the brave. For those traveling to the northern city of Montréal during those particularly bitter winter months, it may seem there is little to do without spending the money to be indoors. In reality, Montréal is designed for the winter. It is embraces winter and along with its plummeting temperatures offers a wide range of free activities to lift the spirits of thrifty travelers. After living here for almost four years, here are five of my favorite free and sometimes surprising wintertime activities in Montréal both indoors and outside.

Photos: These come from Maine after back-to-back snowstorms

With record snowfalls pounding the New England states, it might be a good time reflect on winter weather that the locals are used to. In Atlanta, I don't think anyone would fine photos like this on the official state facebook page. These are from Maine — celebrating the snow!
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5 Canadian winter festivals from Québec to Manitoba

Every winter people across Canada celebrate the severe weather with vibrant cultural festivals and none do it bigger or better than the French Canadians. Welcoming to English-speakers, the following are 5 festivals not to be missed this year.
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Winter weather prompts JetBlue and Delta to waive change fees

Maybe that airlines do have a heart. JetBlue and Delta are allowing passengers to rebook flights to and from cities that are affected by the winter storm without a fee.

All connections are not created equal: 7 tips

As airlines cut back their schedules, a connecting flight may be your only choice to your destination. As winter

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