12 most-read ConsumerTraveler posts of 2012


Here are the 12 top columns from this past year in terms of pageviews. Many of these columns were written over the past few years, but they show what is important to travelers today and display where ConsumerTraveler.com performs an appreciated service for travelers.

This most-read list also shows a resonance of basic topics that travelers find helpful — even after several years — or interesting. Some of these “most-read” stories confound me, but what readers find interesting is easy to see. This tally tells the tale.

Thank you for reading over the past year. ConsumerTraveler has arrived at the top eschelon of travel sites because our contributors have something unique and important to say. We also try to collect some of the lighter side of travel, daily news tidbits and destination information that can add something different to anyone’s travels.

If you have any suggestions about stories for the future, please add them to the comments. We’ll try our best to research and publish them.

1. Beware booking connections with multiple airlines

2. Oh my, I lost my ID. How am I going to get home?

3. 5 important connecting flight considerations

4. Forbes lists Top 10 most-visited U.S. cities

5. World’s top 10 tallest Ferris wheels

6. 7 credit card rules in Europe: U.S. magnetic strip vs. smart chip — both should work

7. Are airline passengers their own worst enemy?

8. 4 important United Airlines changes travelers may not know

9. Some questions, and a few answers about United’s mysterious Global Services program.

10. 10 Gut-buster restaurant challenges for free food

11. Gate-check your luggage and avoid baggage fees

12. State Dept. wants to make it harder to get a passport

  • DCTA

    Wow! None of the top 12 are about TSA or about deceptive pricing? Certainly that’s what the highest percentage of articles have been about.