2007 set to be worst year for flight delays


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2007 set to be worst year for flight delays
Frequent and lengthy flight delays are increasing and worsening, putting 2007 on track to break records set in 2000, according to a Department of Transportation inspector general report. (CNN)

Should families with small children get special boarding privileges on flights? Cast your vote.

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Pack light with double-duty travel gear
We’ve all seen the headlines in magazines and catalogs: “Check out the hottest new travel gear!” And what do we find? Expensive clothing, complicated equipment and ridiculous gadgets “for your in-flight convenience.” What we really need is some lightweight, packable, multi-tasking gear that will pass through security and keep our bags under the weight limit. Tim Leffel’s got the goods. (Tim Leffel)

From Tripso’s Forums: A recent discussion on touring Paris brought this response: “Although the sightseeing is fantastic… my best times were when I was living the city, not just visiting it.” Join the discussion.

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More travel news

Equipment failure clears Memphis airspace
Communications equipment failed Tuesday at a regional air-traffic control center, shutting down all airline traffic within 250 miles of Memphis and causing a ripple effect across the country that grounded dozens of passenger and cargo flights. (AP)

Airport security arsenal adds behavior detection
The practice, pioneered by Israeli airport security, involves picking apparently suspicious people out of crowds and asking them questions about travel plans or work. All the while, their faces, body language and speech are being studied. (USA Today)

U.S. airlines get OK for nonstop China flights
Delta Air Lines Inc. is getting a prize nonstop gateway to China, the first from the Southeast to that nation for a U.S. airline. (AP)

Recreation heads underground in Missouri
Rather than head outside for a recreational adventure, athletes in Missouri can head underground — to scuba dive, play tennis and, if one man has his way, even try their hand at subterranean ice skating or kayaking. (AP)

The National Folk Festival celebration
The 69th National Folk Festival takes place in Richmond, Va., from October 12-14, along the banks of the James River. It celebrates the roots, richness and variety of American culture through music, dance and other performances. This is the last year for these festival performances in Richmond, its home for the past three years. Next year’s festival will be held in Montana.

Today’s Travel Blogs

Drunken guest attacks duck in Minn. hotel pond
A 26-year-old man has been charged with felony animal cruelty after he allegedly ripped the head off one of the ducks that swim at the Embassy Suites St. Paul. (Hotel Hotsheet)

Think Southwest’s new boarding policy sucks? Try Ryanair
Ryanair offers open boarding like Southwest, but recently added a priority seating option that allows passengers who pay extra to get on the plane early. Many industry-watchers believe Southwest is looking at the Ryanair model as a way of generating extra revenues, and that it may eventually adopt a similar pay-for-boarding scheme. (Elliott.org)

How to: Take a bath on a plane
You wouldn’t have thought it possible, would you? But Chinese passenger Jin Sheng figured out how to bathe himself in a toilet cubicle on a flight between Nanning and Chongqing this week. (Jaunted)

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