What we’re reading: Supersonic business jet, UA to launch 787 service between LA and Melbourne, downed UPS plane lacked updated software


Supersonic jet ditches windows for massive live-streaming screens

Spike Aerospace is hoping to release a supersonic business jet in 2018. Instead of windows, it will have hi-def screens.

The S-512’s exterior will be lined with tiny cameras sending footage to thin, curved displays lining the interior walls of the fuselage. The result will be an unbroken panoramic view of the outside world. And if passengers want to sleep or distract themselves from ominous rainclouds, they can darken the screen or choose from an assortment of ambient images.

United Airlines to launch 787-9 nonstop service between Los Angeles and Melbourne, Australia

Subject to government approval, United Airlines will launch non-stop service between Los Angeles and Melbourne, Australia using the new 787-9 beginning October 26, 2014.

“We are excited about using the newest version of the Dreamliner, the 787-9, to provide nonstop trans-Pacific service to Melbourne,” said Jim Compton, United’s vice chairman and chief revenue officer. “Our customers on these new flights will enjoy a more convenient itinerary, as well as improved inflight comfort and amenities.

Doomed UPS plane lacked updated warning software

Updated software may have prevented the UPS plane from crashing in Birmingham, Ala.

An updated version of the warning system’s software would have alerted the pilot 5-1/2 seconds before the Airbus A300 freighter, which was on automatic pilot until just before the crash, hit the trees, the study said.