Airport marriages take off


People often get married in the strangest places. How about at the airport? It’s not so far-fetched, so says USA Today’s Harriet Baskas. And what better place to tie the knot and then be ready for take-off to a romantic honeymoon.

It may not be the most romantic of places, but several people have started their married lives at the airport. Why? Some say it’s because they met while working there or while waiting at the airport.

Chris Robinson, “The Officiant Guy”, performs weddings at Los Angeles International Airport as well as other Southern California airports. He is authorized to issue “confidential” marriage licenses. This means that since they are sealed from public view and don’t require witnesses, only the bride, groom, and the authorized issuer need to be present at the ceremony.

The United States isn’t the only country that allows marriages to be performed at the airport. England’s Manchester Airport, for example, ceremonies can be held inside a parked Concorde. In Sweden, couples can have weddings at the church on the grounds of Stockholm-Arlanda Airport. Amsterdam’s Schipol airport has a wedding planner who helps arrange up to 50 weddings a year.

Schipol’s Press Officer, Kathelijne Vermeulen, says that the most popular wedding package is the “Yes and Go” plan which “lets couples tie the knot and then jump on a plane.” Another popular package is the “Ticket to Paradise” Package.

These can include anything from a champagne brunch to a big party with guests. “Afterwards,” says Vermuelen, “the couple can take some of their guests with them for a holiday. You can imagine what the airport looks like when a bride and groom, completely dressed up, with 25 guests also all dressed up, pass by and board a plane.”

So if you’re an aviation buff, you may want to think about starting your lives together at the nearest airport.