AAA expecting dip in Labor Day drivers


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AAA expecting dip in Labor Day drivers
Fewer Americans plan to travel by car this Labor Day weekend, AAA says, despite gas prices that are about a dime lower than a year ago. (AP)

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No secret watch lists!
Last week, the Department of Homeland Security placed a notice in the Federal Register outlining a plan to expand the department’s uses of the personal information it has collected about foreign travelers entering and departing the United States. In a separate notice, the department also outlined plans to exempt this information from the Freedom of Information Act, effectively making it top-secret. Charlie Leocha thinks it may be time to call your congressman. (Charles Leocha)

From Tripso’s ForumsA recent discussion on touring Paris brought this response: “Although the sightseeing is fantastic… my best times were when I was living the city, not just visiting it.” Join the discussion.

Have you ever cancelled a trip because of stormy tropical weather? Cast your vote.

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AeroClinic offers quick care for busy travelers
The AeroClinic, a new retail medical facility, offers quick, inexpensive care to travelers and some of Hartsfield-Jackson Airport’s 55,000 employees. (AP)

Southwest starts SFO service; announces $39 flights to LAX
One day after launching service with 18 daily flights at San Francisco International Airport, Southwest Airlines announced Monday an expansion of its SFO service. (Media News)

10 great American beaches
In the last gasp of summer, there’s still time for one more seaside escape. From a black-sand retreat on Maui to a hidden strand on Cape Cod, Travel & Leisure sifted through the country’s 95,000 miles of shoreline to find these idyllic stretches. Let the relaxation begin! (Travel+Leisure)

Bring home better family vacation photos
It’s important to grab the opportunity to take memorable vacation shots when you can because you might not have another chance. That’s easier than ever these days with pocket-sized digital cameras so simple to use that technology-savvy kids will declare they’re the official family photographers. (Tribune Media)

Travel guidebook publishers add audio tours
Now you can get information from Frommer’s, the travel guidebook company, in a digital audio format. (AP)

Today’s Travel Blogs

Boat, museum and church passes
Visitors to Venice have a couple of basic questions to answer when arriving. Do I purchase an unlimited boat pass? Do I buy any of the museum passes offered by the various museum and church organizations? The answer is yes to all the questions, but I’ve learned that there are more considerations. (Tripso Traveler)

Space aliens stole my luggage
Roswell, NM, is synonymous with a 1947 incident in which the government allegedly recovered a crashed UFO. It’s also the site where a series of feel-good TV ads were filmed in 2005 to commemorate the merger between America West and US Airways. According to one insider who witnessed the $1.2 million spots being produced, it was clear from the start that this was a troubled union and a preview of today’s problems. (

United pilot strives for pleasant flights
Captain Denny Flanagan is causing a buzz among flyers and pilots for his outstanding customer service. Catch a flight with him and you may receive a personalized note, McDonald’s hamburgers, snacks, or other perks (Smarter Travel)

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