Air travel agents threaten to block sale of tickets


Air travel agents threaten to block sale of tickets — The stand-off between international carriers and travel agents over
commission rate cuts intensified today with 2,000 travel agents from across India reiterating their threat to block ticketing services of some carriers. Starting April 1, 2005, travel agents will stop selling tickets of Air-India and go slow on the sale of tickets of all international carriers that cut the commission rates.

Heavier bags, lighter wallet
Smart travelers pack light, and not just because they don’t want to haul an
exceptionally heavy suitcase. Overloaded bags also can weigh on your wallet.

A good night’s sleep in the air is big business
Rival airlines desperate to boost their income have turned to beds in an
attempt to lure businessmen back on to their flights. With companies once
again willing to pay thousands of pounds to send executives on expensive and
comfortable long-haul flights, air carriers are making their beds sleeker,
flatter and longer.

At least 37 injured as turbulence hits EVA Airways jet

At least 37 people were injured – four seriously – when an EVA Airways
flight from Taiwan was hit by turbulence Monday as it approached Tokyo’s
international airport, a police official said.

Airport says 10-minute wait is enough

The director of Manchester Airport and the agency that provides security
differ on how long people should have to wait for security clearance.
Airport Director Kevin Dillon said he’s frustrated that travelers on rare
occasion have had to wait 20, even 25 minutes, to pass through security
checkpoints at Manchester Airport.

Man locked in cargo hold flies to Philly

A young man loading baggage into an airplane in Milwaukee got locked in a
cargo hold Friday and stayed there on a flight to Philadelphia, Midwest
Airlines officials said. “He was in the process of securing a wheelchair,
tying it down,” airline spokeswoman Carol Skornicka said Friday night, “and
they didn’t see that he was still in there when they closed the door.”