Air travelers seen doubling by 2025


Air travelers seen doubling by 2025 — The number of air travelers is expected to double by 2025, rising to more than 9 billion a year, a body representing the world’s airports said on Tuesday. (Reuters)

Airline sued after mother flees U.S. — In the midst of a divorce case last March, the mother of 2 1/2-year-old Chloe Combe-Rivas secretly boarded a Continental Airlines flight in Kansas City with her daughter, caught a connecting flight from Houston to Mexico, and never returned. The father has filed a lawsuit against the airline. (The Boston Globe) (Registration required.)

For contest winners, no free space ride — Brian Emmett’s childhood fantasy came true when he won a free trip to outer space. He was crushed when he had to cancel his reservation because of Uncle Sam. (AP)

Bar is closed on US Airways’ New Mexico flights
— New Mexico ordered US Airways to stop serving alcohol on flights to or from the state after learning that it didn’t have a state liquor license. (AP)

JetBlue posts $17 million profit on passenger gain — JetBlue Airways Corp., the low-fare carrier that slowed growth to help end losses, reported a fourth-quarter profit of $17 million as it flew more passengers. (Bloomberg News)

Rocky start for Bangkok airport — The taxiways are cracked, the terminal has leaks and some airlines even wonder whether it’s safe to fly into Thailand’s new international airport. Bangkok’s sleek and modern Suvarnabhumi Airport, which opened to great fanfare in September, was supposed to transform the Thai capital into Southeast Asia’s leading air hub. To say it has had a rocky start would be an understatement. (AP)

Travel companies tackle global warming — The idea is simple (although potentially tricky): If you can’t eliminate the global-warming emissions produced by driving or flying, offset them by supporting (i.e., donating to) projects that eliminate them elsewhere. If those projects reduce emissions in an amount equivalent to what you produced along the way, the net effect is carbon-neutral travel. (

Music cruises lure fans and bands — One of the better-known music events in the cruise industry is the annual “Rock Boat,” a chartered trip that takes place aboard a Carnival ship hosted by Sister Hazel, featuring acts like Cowboy Mouth and the Pat McGee Band. The promoter pays a set sum to Carnival to charter the ship for the event; the promoter also hires the entertainment and sells the tickets. (AP)

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