Aircraft makers trying to take ordeal out of flying


Aircraft makers trying to take ordeal out of flying — Starting in 2008, major aircraft makers say, the newest planes will feature fresher air, soothing lights and bigger windows. They’re even talking about such amenities as showers and bunk beds, while admitting those are less likely to wind up in typical airliners. (The Washington Post) (Registration required.)

Airbus sees end to A380 cancellations
— European planemaker Airbus says it expects no more air carriers to back away from plans to buy its superjumbo A380 after the decision this month by Memphis-based FedEx to cancel its order. (Reuters)

Quake shakes Hawaii’s big island — An earthquake with a magnitude of at least 4.5 struck off the northwest coast of the Big Island on Thursday in the same area where two stronger temblors struck last month. (AP)

Stuck in the middle seat? Get a Wendy’s gift card
— Wendy’s is rolling out a national advertising campaign this week for its new gift card program that includes free $1 cards for middle-seat passengers at nine airports over Thanksgiving weekend. (AP)

Airline is a new breach in French defenses — Low-cost air travel has brought the British in droves to snap up cheap French real estate as retirement or vacation retreats. (The New York Times) (Registration required.)

Thousands watch parade despite rain — Wind and rain could not keep thousands of spectators from crowding Manhattan streets to see Big Bird, Snoopy and other signature balloons and floats of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. (AP)

Mass. stores open on holiday, despite laws — Despite Puritan-era laws that prohibit most stores in Massachusetts from doing business on Thanksgiving, lines were 30-shoppers long at 10 p.m. inside a CompUSA Inc. outlet in the Brighton neighborhood. (AP)

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