Airline industry optimism hurt by surging oil prices


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Airline industry optimism hurt by surging oil prices
Whatever relief airlines hoped to receive from lower oil prices this winter is quickly disappearing. As the second-quarter reporting season wraps up, carriers have warned again that fuel, which is right up there with personnel as their biggest cost, is headed higher in the third and fourth quarters. That would put overall fuel costs for 2007 as high or even higher than they were in 2006. (AP)

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Gas prices at the pump fall but oil rises
Oil prices flirted with record highs Monday and continued its rise Tuesday, while gasoline prices fell for a second consecutive week, as oil and gas prices continue to uncharacteristically move in opposite directions. Gas prices may decline further in coming weeks as the unusual disconnect between oil and gasoline prices continues. (USA Today)

Northwest pilot shortage grounding flights
Northwest Airlines has seen an increase in the number of canceled flights once again, a condition that the pilots union is blaming on management for not having enough staffing, and which the airline charges is due to a spike in pilots calling in sick starting this past Friday. (CNN/Money)

Vacation deprivation: making time for time off
Tick tock, people! Summer’s half over — have you taken your vacation yet? If you’re like far too many of us, the answer is probably not, or at least not as much as you’re entitled to. (

Caribbean frets over drop in U.S. tourists
The turquoise waters and white-sand beaches of the Caribbean appear to be losing some of their allure for U.S. tourists. (AP)

Philadelphia refines its pitch to gay tourists
When the city rolled out a national ad campaign aimed at gay tourists four years ago, some of the commercials featured same-sex couples in Colonial costumes. “Come to Philadelphia,” the ads said. “Get your history straight and your nightlife gay.” Since then, the city has become more sophisticated in such efforts. (AP)

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New routes for JetBlue, AirTran and Spirit
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