Airline ticket: $10; pillow: $15


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Airline ticket: $10; pillow: $15
How low can airfares go? Try $10 for a one-way ticket from Burbank to Columbus, Ohio. Or $9 from Los Angeles International Airport to Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Better yet, there is a 1-cent fare for flights from LAX to Guatemala. And the flight attendants are paid partly on commission based on in-flight sales.(Chicago Tribune)

What do you think? Will a la carte airlines make it? Sound off about it now.

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What is the funniest thing to happen to you on an airplane flight? James Wysong gets asked this question quite often, and after 18 years as a flight attendant, it is difficult for him to pick one event. But forced to choose, he goes with the infamous in-flight scalping. Yes, he said “scalping.” (James Wysong on Tripso)

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A dry run: more details on Flight 327 released

The inspector general for Homeland Security late Friday released new details of what federal air marshals say was a terrorist dry run aboard Northwest Airlines Flight 327 from Detroit to Los Angeles on June 29, 2004. (Washington Times)

Hot topic: A holdover from yesterday, but still a HOT topic. TSA screeners make me feel … Come on. Give us a piece of your mind.

Gay hotel wins right to ban heterosexuals
An Australian hotel catering for homosexuals has won the right to ban heterosexuals from its bars. In what is believed to be a first for Australia, the Victoria state civil and administrative tribunal ruled last week that the Peel Hotel in Melbourne could exclude patrons based on their sexuality, despite the fact that Australia’s equal opportunities laws prevent discrimination on the grounds of sexuality. (Guardian Unlimited)

You see a bag, they see an opportunity
With the summer travel season under way, millions of people like Brandt will lose their bags, and that number is climbing. Travelers will grumble while airlines grovel, but delivery companies like X-Press Bags will grow. (Star-Telegram)

JetBlue plane struck by lightning
A JetBlue airplane was struck by lightning on Sunday. Officials said none of the 140 passengers aboard the Airbus A 320 were injured. Flight 43 was en route from Rochester to JFK Airport when lightning struck, causing an odor similar to an electrical fire to permeate the plane’s cabin. But officials said the lightning didn’t create smoke in the plane. (WNBC)

New A350 Rejected By Airlines
Yet more bad news for Airbus: now the company’s biggest customers are reportedly calling for it to rethink its design for the A350. If the company is forced back to the drawing board again it would mean further delays and even higher costs. (Spiegel International)

Qantas rejects ‘worst airline’ label
Qantas has been forced to defend its customer service after being voted the worst international airline in an Australian survey. (Sydney Morning Herald)

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The false promise of electronic ticketing
When e-tickets first rolled out, they held the promise of paperless travel. For example, Alaska Airlines, the first domestic U.S. carrier to introduce wireless check-in back in early 2001, offered this nugget to the media when they rolled it out: “Once a passenger checks in via a cell phone or another wireless device, he or she can go directly to the appropriate gate, show a photo identification and board the plane.” Ha! (Upgrade: Travel Better)

Adjusting for local deals
Why a photo of three Imperial beers and one small bottle of 7-year rum? Because in a Costa Rican supermarket, these are roughly the same price. (Cheapest Destinations)

Read the fine print very carefully
They say the devil is in the details, and nowhere is that more true than with airfare rules. I’ve been working with a reader to help resolve a ticket change request, and you’ll want to read her story before you buy your next airline ticket. (Ellipses)

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