Airlines to wait out delays this summer


Airlines to wait out delays this summer — U.S. airlines plan to fly planes full this summer and wait out delays caused by weather and congestion rather than cancel flights, the nation’s top aviation regulator said Thursday. (CNN)

United Airlines pension cut hits home — After a federal bankruptcy judge allowed United Airlines to terminate employees’ pension plans last week, pilots and airline employees at Lake Tahoe are not only worried about their future financial security, but also about the precedent the decision sets. (Tahoe Daily Tribune)

Commentary from Charles Leocha — This is only the beginning of reflection. The justice’s actions allowing United to abandon their workers’ pensions is bad news for the entire country. I’ll bet that the CEO’s pension is guaranteed.

Lawmakers propose repeal of airport curbs — An influential Texas congressman vowed “whatever it takes” to continue restrictions on flights out of Dallas Love Field — limits that would end under legislation proposed Thursday by two of his fellow Texans. “I’ve been here 21 years. I know some of the right people. I’ll put a word in at the appropriate place with the appropriate person and I think we’ll be OK,” said Rep. Joe Barton, R-Ennis, chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. (Business Week)

So you want to be a travel writer? — I often receive letters asking how to break in to travel writing. “I love to travel,” they generally begin, “and want to share my experiences…. ” There’s no easy way to answer the question or to clearly describe this profession. What little has been written about practitioners of the craft is decidedly uncomplimentary. (Chicago Tribune)

Avoiding air travel delays — When booking your flight: fly early. The atmosphere needs time to heat up to produce the severe weather that tends to hit later in the day. Also, as the day gets later, delays can compound as weather fronts move. Select nonstop flights. If you must take a connecting flight, consider connecting through airports other than major hubs. Avoid flights that are chronically delayed. (Business Week)

Vomiting virus hits cruise ship — A highly contagious virus has struck down about 200 passengers on a luxury cruise liner, P&O has confirmed. Passengers on board the Oceana for a 17-day Mediterranean cruise have contracted the norovirus which causes nausea and vomiting for about 24 hours. (BBC)

Tips to choosing an inexpensive cruise — If you want to take a cruise — but don’t really care about the when or where — there are many ways to get the most bang for the buck. It just takes some legwork. (BellaOnline)

Judge defers ruling on United strike bid — United Airlines’ -labor situation remained in limbo Thursday as a federal judge declined to rule on a threatened strike by the carrier’s baggage handlers and customer-service agents until after their contract standoff is resolved. U.S. District Judge James Zagel put off until June 7 a decision on the machinists union’s request for a temporary restraining order that would have barred United from trying to impede a strike. (Rocky Mountain News)

Commentary from John Frenaye — Seems like we are only prolonging the inevitable. But at least we are safe from a Memorial Day strike. On another note — happy birthday to Chris Elliott!

Airport director expects JetBlue to arrive in Pittsburgh — Pittsburgh International Airport chief Kent George believes there is a “very, very strong possibility” that low-fare upstart JetBlue Airways will start service from Pittsburgh late this year or early next spring. (Post-Gazette)

More flight delays feared at Ft. Lauderdale — Delay-plagued Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport could get even worse this summer. It was listed as one of six airports considered potential ‘trouble spots’ for vacation travelers, according to testimony given before a U.S. Senate aviation subcommittee Thursday. (Miami Herald)

Airline websites poised to take off? — Looking to book an airline ticket on the Internet? Chances are you’ll first head to Travelocity, Orbitz or Expedia. With state-of-the-art technology and access to a wide range of flights on competing airlines, the well-funded Big Three, along with smaller rivals such as OneTravel and CheapTickets, have been able to take a considerable chunk of the action from the airlines’ own sites. But the power may be shifting as financially strapped airlines try to control a bigger share of their inventories. In recent months, the airlines have fought back with steps designed to attract more customers to their sites. (Washington Post)

CTIA: Ground airline cell phone use — Wireless airline phone service is an idea whose time is not quite here, the nation’s primary cell phone association said Thursday. The Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association (CTIA) said the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) should move in an “extremely cautious fashion” on the issue. (Internet News)

Correspondents: John Frenaye, Leslie Friedman, Charlie Leocha, Oscar Palma.