Airport security humor — here’s a great video from Australia


We have all faced the indignities of passing through TSA security screening. We know the routine — shoes off, belts off, coats off, sweaters off, cell phones out of pockets, computers out of bags, change tossed into a bin. Here’s a bewildered traveler faced with a devious security screener that will bring a smile to your face.

I wonder, “Why hasn’t this happend to me?” I’ll bet our TSA personnel wish they had one of those beepers every so often.

  • Kelly

    Hmmm…lovely post! Too bad all I have ever seen is pants falling down on a obese balding man (no offense!).

  • http://[email protected] Mona

    Thought that you would get a kick out of this!

  • Skip

    That was funny!!! And wow, bodies like his don’t just happen!

  • Karen

    “I wonder, ‘Why hasn’t this happened to me?’ ”
    Ha — now that’s a very funny comment.

  • Jim

    To Kelly: When and where did my pants fall down in front of you? LOL

  • Kelly

    Hey Jim,
    You ever fly out of the Detroit airport? Then maybe that was you! Hahaha!