Airports push for higher passenger fees


Airports push for higher passenger fees — If the nation’s airports get their way, the price of flying will increase further this fall as they push for higher boarding fees used to fund airport improvements, ranging from new runways to expanded terminals. (AP)

Fans of A380 forecast blue skies, but critics predict turbulence — Announced in 2000, Airbus’ A380 was designed to satisfy airline demand for more passenger capacity on long-haul routes. But the supersized jet has been hobbled by lengthy production delays, management shakeups at Airbus and a growing chorus of curmudgeons claiming the over-budget big bird may be another Concorde, the flashy game-changer that was a commercial flop. (USA Today)

Warning on taking batteries on planes — Two recent fires on airplanes have prompted the Transportation Department to issue a safety advisory for fliers traveling with batteries or battery-powered devices. (AP)

Celebs accuse airport workers of theft — The City Attorney’s Office is expected to file misdemeanor theft charges against a group of screeners at Los Angeles International Airport suspected of stealing personal items from celebrities and other travelers. (AP)

5 reasons to visit Europe in spring — Spring is in the air. If you have a yen for traveling, this is one of the best times to go — especially if you are headed to Europe. The continent is ablaze with the flowers of the season, museums are uncrowded, and off-season prices will save you some money. Best of all, the Europeans are home. (Charles Leocha on Tripso)

Weather, ticketing woes weigh on US Airways — US Airways Groups’ first-quarter results could be the worst since merging with America West Airlines in September 2005, due to bouts of nasty East Coast weather and a botched consolidation of the two airlines’ reservations systems, the airline’s president said Wednesday. (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

Marvel theme park to open in Dubai by 2011 — Fans of comic book superheroes Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four and the X-Men will be able to see their favorite characters when a new theme park opens in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates by 2011. (Reuters)

Beijing gets ready for Olympics by discouraging spitting — With the 2008 Beijing Olympics less than 500 days away, officials say they are prepared to take harsh measures against people who spit in public if appeals do not work. (AP)

Oil prices rise above $62 on geopolitical turmoil — Oil prices rose above $62 a barrel Friday after Britain said Iranian naval vessels seized 15 British sailors and marines in Iraqi waters and gunmen kidnapped three foreigners in southern Nigeria. (AP)

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