Angry pilots at US Airways near vote on union ouster


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Angry pilots at US Airways near vote on union ouster
A group of disgruntled US Airways pilots says it’s close to forcing a vote to choose a new union and stall contract negotiations with the carrier indefinitely. (AP)

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Hey kids! No birth certificate, no cruise
The Mueller family was looking forward to their Alaska cruise aboard the Norwegian Star. Sue Mueller made a great booking for her family through Hotwire — or so she thought. She checked to make sure the family had all the necessary documentation, but when they got to the pier, the Muellers got a big shock. Anita Dunham-Potter tells the story. (Anita Dunham-Potter)

From Tripso’s Forums: A recent discussion on touring Paris brought this response: “Although the sightseeing is fantastic… my best times were when I was living the city, not just visiting it.” Join the discussion.

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Student causes scare at Logan with shirt ‘art’
An MIT student walked into Logan International Airport Friday morning wearing a glowing device with wires coming out of it, prompting a bomb scare and her arrest at gunpoint. (The Boston Globe) (Registration required)

Your passport may be in the mail
Still waiting for that passport you applied for this summer? The State Department says it’s on its way. (The New York Times) (Registration required.)

Influence peddling from the aisle seat
It’s never a good idea to peddle your influence in Washington. This writer once tried anyway, only to fail miserably. Life, after all, can be fair. (The Washington Post) (Registration required.)

New lot to ease Logan arrivals
Responding to years of requests from airport patrons and public officials, Logan this week will open its first “cellphone parking lot,” where a driver can wait for the call from a passenger who has made it through the terminal and is ready to be picked up. (The Boston Globe) (Registration required.)

New Wright house makes trinity in Pa.
Western Pennsylvania has long been home to two of renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s best known works, Kentuck Knob and Fallingwater. Now, a third Wright creation, the Duncan House, has been moved here from Lisle, Ill., offering visitors a broad architectural experience — tours of two impressive homes and an overnight stay in a 1950s-era house. (AP)

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On Marco Island all by your lonesome
It may be something of an exaggeration to say you can have Marco Island, Fla., all to yourself in September. But it wouldn’t be much of one. This is the lowest point of low season, when the summer visitors have left and the snowbirds have yet to arrive. The remaining would-be guests are staying away because of the weather (too warm, they think, or maybe there’ll be a hurricane) and as a result, large parts of Southwest Florida’s resort areas are virtual ghost towns. (

Kyla Ebbert’s other outfit
We hope it’s our last post about the Girls of Southwest. But we couldn’t let Kyla Ebbert ride off into the much overdue sunset without mentioning her stunning Myspace page. She’s PrincessKyla on the social networking site. (Jaunted)

Seabourn ships get multi-million dollar makeover
For the first time in years, Seabourn is launching new ships. As the company prepares to introduce modern, cutting-edge vessels to its fleet, it’s giving extensive makeovers to its three existing ships. (Smarter Travel)

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