Another surge in cancellations riles NWA passengers


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Another surge in cancellations riles Northwest passengers
Northwest Airlines’ pattern of cancellations continued Sunday, with more than 200 flights dropped as pilots who were pushed to the limit of hours they are allowed to fly each month stayed home from work. (Detroit Free Press)

Has Northwest cancelled any of your flights recently? Cast your vote.

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Carnival’s Freedom takes on the Mediterranean
Can a giant, mass-market cruise ship renowned for its “Fun Ship” atmosphere make it in the sophisticated Mediterranean cruise market? Can two American kids and their mom survive the 12-day whirlwind tour? After cruising the Mediterranean with her two young daughters aboard the Carnival Freedom, Anita Dunham-Potter says yes, on both counts. (Anita Dunham-Potter)

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Heathrow hassles ‘threat to UK’
Tougher security measures introduced at UK airports are failing to protect passengers, an industry watchdog says, as the country’s busiest airport is criticized for delays. (CNN)

Gas prices fall 17 cents over two weeks
U.S. average retail gasoline prices fell 17 cents per gallon over the past two weeks as Midwest refiners recovered from recent difficulties and produced more gas, an industry analyst reported Sunday. (Reuters)

The flights are long. The planes are cramped.
More airlines are using narrower jets on long-haul flights, putting an even greater squeeze on travelers in coach. Some suggestions on how to maximize your comfort in flight. (The New York Times) (Registration required.)

As airlines recover, flight attendants still suffer
Salaries of U.S. flight attendants average between $19,200 and $33,800, according to the Association of Flight Attendants. Despite the low pay, many remain committed to the job because of the flexibility, comraderie, and the travel benefits. (Reuters)

How Europe tackles drink-driving
The Association of Chief Police Officers has launched its latest drink-driving campaign, incorporating drugs into its remit for the first time. Here, BBC correspondents from across Europe explain how our neighbours deal with those getting behind the wheel while under the influence. (BBC News)

While you’re away, the office will be okay
So summer’s here, and the thermometer has consistently hovered at 80°-plus. You’ve got one thing and one thing only on your mind, and it’s not the Hickenlooper report, which was due last week: You want to get straight out of the office and take a vacation. (CNN/Money)

The world’s sexiest beaches
Fun in the sun takes on new meaning at these sexy beaches. (

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Today’s Travel Blogs

5 things you need to know about EU Regulation 264/2004
In 2004, the European Union adopted tough new airline passenger rights regulations, and ever since then, it seems that air carriers have been trying to reinterpret the law to their advantage. As a result, I’ve received more than my fair share of questions about the rule, called Regulation (EC) No 261/2004. (

Spirit plans major expansion
The low-cost airline will add 10 new cities–and up to three new international destinations– in 2008. Cities are invited to submit proposals through August 10. (Smarter Travel)

How to hail a taxi in Manhattan
Manhattanites will tell you that it’s easy to find a great cup of coffee, a fun neighborhood bar, or an authentic ethnic restaurant. All you have to do is walk out the door. What’s not so easy? Hailing a cab. (Jaunted)

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