British Muslim minister detained at U.S. airport


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British Muslim minister detained at U.S. airport
Britain’s first Muslim government minister said he was “deeply disappointed” Monday after his luggage was searched for explosives at a United States airport as he returned from official talks. (AFP)

Should NASA release the results of its recent pilot survey? Cast your vote.

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Tropical Storm Noel called major flood threat
Tropical Storm Noel’s top winds began weakening this morning, but the heavy rains dumped on Haiti and the Dominican Republic flooded roads and homes as the storm moved westward across the Caribbean Sea. (CNN)

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Oil rises to record above $93 a barrel
Oil prices spiked above $93 a barrel to a new trading high Monday before falling back, propelled by news that Mexico’s state oil company was suspending about a fifth of its oil production due to a storm. (AP)

BA admits baggage charges ‘too high’
British Airways is backing down on controversial charges for second bags and extra bag weight introduced in February, reducing the cost of taking an extra bag on board on long-haul flights from £120 to £75, and relaxing weight allowances. (Times Online)

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Europe loves ‘free’ bikes
We know all about Paris’ Velib bike rental program, but as it turns out, the City of Light isn’t the only European destination with a biking obsession. Barcelona, Seville and Stockholm all have bike rentals available, though the Spanish programs seem like a bit more of a hassle than they might be worth. (Jaunted)

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