Business travel costs up, but airfares down from peak


Business travel costs up, but airfares down from peak — Following a 15-month run-up, average fares paid for business travel declined significantly during the second half of 2006, says a report issued Monday by consultant American Express Business Travel. (USA Today)

The dirt on rental cars: Customers complain about filth — Car rental companies say they work hard to provide clean cars. Hertz says dirty cars rank low in customer complaints, and it received high scores for rental car cleanliness and appearance in a survey by marketing information firm J.D. Power and Associates last year. (USA Today)

Airline entertainment offerings go high-tech — Like most things in the airline industry, entertainment systems have come a long way. Airlines are shelling out big money for high-tech gear in a bid to attract and keep more passengers. (Reuters)

After two-hour wait, passengers left off plane
— Passengers on a flight from Hong Kong were allowed to get off a plane at Newark Liberty International Airport Monday afternoon after being held for two hours because some passengers reported feeling ill, officials said. (AP)

Flight to Newark aborts takeoff in Vegas, no on hurt — An aircraft bound for Newark, New Jersey, aborted takeoff and blew tires on a runway yesterday at McCarran International Airport. No injuries were reported. (KVBC-TV/AP)

Cruise ship passengers who fell seek privacy — A man who fell about 50 feet from a cruise ship was released from the ship’s medical center Monday, and a woman who also fell plans to have follow-up testing on land, the cruise line said. (AP)

Can Minneapolis and St. Paul set aside differences for tourism? — But the 21st century economy is forcing St. Paulites to swallow their civic pride — and obliging indifferent Minneapolitans to stop ignoring their neighbor. This summer the so-called Twin Cities will embark on a joint marketing campaign to tie the longtime competitors together as a single tourist destination. (AP)

The pros and cons of peer reviews — Welcome to what some have dubbed Travel 2.0, that unfiltered, open-ended universe where anybody with an ISP can discuss their comings and goings and what they found (or hope to find) along the way. The dialogue continues to evolve (MSNBC)

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