Buy airline tickets on Tuesday afternoon


According to Rick Seaney’s twittered advice, the best time to buy tickets is on Tuesdays at 3 p.m. EST. He is seeing the biggest bargains of the season being announced at that time. Then, it’s first come first served.

Seaney’s website,, features a deal of the day as well as Seaney’s best-price advice. His tip today:

Deals to Canada — Continental Airlines dropped prices to Calgary from over 25 U.S. cities, including a number of smaller cities that don’t always get the benefit of airfare sales. However, the dropped prices aren’t just for the “little guys.” Find airfare from Boston to Calgary for as low as $568 R/T for multiple dates in April and May. This airfare is down over $150 R/T from the carrier’s previous low. Similar deals from United Airlines and other carriers are also available.

Priceline, known for its bid-for-travel model, is also beginning to monitor airline ticket price changes more closely. The Priceline airfare index announced:

Break out the sunscreen! This is the week to fly to Florida, with airfares from several northern cities to Orlando, Fort Lauderdale and Tampa down 10% to 18% compared to last week. The biggest weekly price increase is for a flight from New York to Raleigh, up 21% week over week.

Here are Priceline’s list of price changes this week. These shifts in pricing range from a drop of 18 percent between Baltimore and Orlando to an increase of 21 percent between New York and Raleigh-Durham. These prices changes are in published fares, also sold on Priceline.

Route /New Price /Weekly Change

Baltimore to Orlando/ $ 199/ -18%

Indianapolis to Orlando/ $ 181/ -16%

Seattle to Orlando/ $ 270/ -14%

Chicago to Fort Lauderdale/ $ 246/ -14%

Denver to Los Angeles/ $ 165/ -14%

Detroit to Orlando/ $ 217/ -13%

Chicago to Orlando/ $ 219/ -12%

Washington, DC to Fort Lauderdale/ $ 256/ -12%

Dallas to Washington, DC/ $ 243/ -11%

Washington, DC to Chicago/ $ 248/ -11%

New York City to Chicago/ $ 272/ -10%

Los Angeles to Boston/ $ 279/ -10%

Los Angeles to Kahului/ $ 558/ -10%

Detroit to Fort Lauderdale/ $ 271/ -10%

Detroit to Tampa/ $ 266/ -10%

Chicago to Dallas/ $ 293/ +7%

Denver to Chicago/ $ 208/ +7%

Minneapolis to Newark/ $ 310/ +8%

New York City to Atlanta/ $ 303/ +8%

Dallas to Chicago/ $ 288/ +8%

Pittsburgh to Las Vegas/ $ 297/ +8%

Chicago to Baltimore/ $ 224/ +8%

Raleigh to New York City/ $ 171/ +10%

Houston to Los Angeles/ $ 293/ +10%

Minneapolis to Chicago/ $ 148/ +10%

Boston to Atlanta/ $ 302/ +14%

Los Angeles to Pittsburgh/ $ 144/ +14%

Minneapolis to Washington, DC/ $ 297/ +15%

Philadelphia to Chicago/ $ 231/ +17%

New York City to Raleigh/ $ 186/ +21%

  • GregC

    Thanks for the advice, I’ve seen prices coming down, but now they are affordable!

  • Ron

    Timing is everything. Sure, post this on a Wednesday…….

    Does anyone look at the calendar before they post these things?


  • neha m shah

    3pm EST?

  • jlawrence01

    Or you can go to a website like and be notified when there are great deals and not be chained to the computer.

    In today’s climate, you almost have to try NOT to find a good deal to miss one.

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  • Lauren Fairbanks

    @jlawrence01 – Totally agree re: airfarewatchdog. I’ve gotten about three or four insanely low priced flights over the last year or so through them. Also, if you have the ability to fly on Tuesdays and Thursdays, you can almost always find super cheap flights between January and April. I try to book all of my vacations during that time and late Fall.

  • Rigo Campos

    Hey…I am so glad to see this post, I am planning a trip with my family on next Wednesday so I’ll buy tickets in advance on Tuesday…Thank you so much for providing the information!!


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