Can clam-diggers stop the next terror attack?


Can clam-diggers stop the next terror attack? — Clam diggers on the muddy flats near Boston’s Logan International Airport in Massachusetts will be loaned GPS-equipped cell phones so they can alert authorities to suspicious activity — just one of several ideas being tested this summer to protect airports from terrorists. Five international airports will test new technology ranging from the cell phones to high-tech iris scanners, the Transportation Security Administration announced Monday. (CNN)

Study: air travelers are oxygen-starved — Passengers fall sick during or after air travel because they are starved of oxygen, says a new study. It claims that 54 per cent of all passengers lose four per cent of oxygen at maximum altitude. That’s a level many hospital doctors would treat with extra oxygen. (Metro)

Investors look for clues in train wreck — Japanese police looking for clues to the cause of the country’s worst rail crash in more than 40 years raided the offices of the train’s operator on Tuesday as weeping relatives claimed the remains of many of the 73 confirmed dead from a makeshift morgue. Investigations were focusing on the speed at which the crowded train was traveling when it jumped the tracks on the outskirts of the western city of Osaka and smashed into an apartment building just after rush hour on Monday morning. (Reuters)

This summer, good airline seats are rare — Economy-class fliers seem to be getting pickier about seat assignments, as airplanes fill to record levels and the Web opens new choices. The average airliner in the USA last month took off with a near-record 81% of seats filled, which meant heated competition for prized seats. Planes are expected to fly even fuller this summer. (USA Today)

Boston terminal evacuated after security slip-up — Half of Logan International Airport’s Terminal B was evacuated late yesterday morning after a woman bypassed a security checkpoint. Four American Airlines jets awaiting takeoff were emptied and passengers waiting inside the terminal were spilled into the terminal’s lobby and outside while Transportation Security Administration and Massachusetts State Police used dogs to search for weapons that could have been smuggled inside or onboard. (Boston Globe)

No, your girlfriend isn’t allowed on the runway
— The former manager of JetBlue Airways’ San Diego operation pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors yesterday for lying to get his girlfriend an all-access pass to Lindbergh Field. “He’s really embarrassed by what he did,” said his defense lawyer. A federal judge placed Alan Michael Donatz on probation for a year. (Union Tribune)

Contributing: Charles Leocha, John Frenaye