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Travelers United_MINI_LOGO111Next week, will be merged with The weekly newsletters will be cobranded and the daily newsletters will begin taking subscribers to

As we work to build Travelers United into a membership organization, will continue with the hands-on travel tips and the in-depth destination information on weekends. This will be supplemented with policy discussions about travel issues that affect our readers.

Travelers United is now the most important travel advocacy group in Washington, DC. We also have started a chapter in California that is working with the legislature there on issues such as the sharing economy and the coming world of unmanned aerial systems. State and local rules and laws will have an increasingly important impact on both of those segments of the emerging economy.

Join us to have your voice heard in Washington as legislation and regulations are created and changes. If consumers do not speak up for themselves, the industry stakeholders will create a world that works for them, but often leaves consumers behind. Plus, get additional discounts as they are rolled out for our members.