ConsumerTraveler most-read stories of 2011


As we wind to closing out 2011, a look back at the top stories read this past year on shows us a mix of topics from passport rules and regulations to consumer problems and travel rules to Top 10 lists. These stories are either stories that evoke the most passions at the moment, and change the course of Washington bureaucrats, such as our coverage of passport issues in the spring, and pats on the back to airlines when they go beyond the call of duty as in the case of Southwest airlines last January. Right in the mix are stories that travelers use for help while traveling such as credit card rules, connecting flight tips and dealing with lost IDs when faced with TSA.

Our readership is diverse in the sense that we serve everyone from airline executives and congressional staffers to very frequent fliers struggling with an airline industry that is squeezing the fun out of traveling and travel agents working to provide the best quality vacation or flight for their customers.

This most-read list also shows a resonance of basic topics that travelers find helpful, even after several years, or interesting. Some of these “most-read” stories confound me, but what readers find interesting is easy to see. This tally tells the tale.

Thank you for reading over the past year. ConsumerTraveler has arrived at the top eschelon of travel sites because our contributors have something unique and important to say. We also try to collect some of the lighter side of travel, daily news tidbits and destination information that can add something different to anyone’s travels.

If you have any suggestions about stories for the future, please add them to the comments. We’ll try our best to research and publish them.

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