Cruising with Hanna: what to do before setting sail


Tropical Storm Hanna and I are scheduled to arrive in the Bahamas at about the same time.

She’s tracking west-northwest at about 10 knots, according to the National Hurricane Center, and is expected to strengthen into a hurricane in the next few days.

I’m scheduled to leave Port Canaveral on Royal Caribbean’s Sovereign of The Seas tomorrow for a four-night Bahamas Cruise.

With all the traveling I do, I was looking forward to a trip that wouldn’t involve the Transportation Security Administration, missed connections or flight cancellations. Just a few days ago, we were congratulation ourselves that we were out of Hurricane Gustav’s path.

Then, on Friday, we started to wonder about Hanna. Now we’re worried.

I have all my “go to” sites for travel information, including,, (which reports airport weather), and, of course, the specific airline and cruise line sites.

I’ve been visiting all those sites for the past few days. And my travel agent has phoned Royal Caribbean to give them our cell phone numbers, just in case they need to reach us.

Royal Caribbean has done a good job of telling me what they plan with their ships in the Caribbean by offering twice-daily updates on its site.

As of Sunday morning, they were reporting several itinerary changes, but none for the Sovereign of The Seas — yet. The next report is at 5:30 p.m. I expect we’ll learn about the fate of our cruise later today or tomorrow morning, at the 10:30 a.m. update.

Could things be any worse? Sure. I could be flying to Florida today.

Good thing I live in Daytona Beach. If my cruise is canceled, I’ll just drive home.

  • Joe Farrell

    Why would they cancel? They’ll just schedule a port cruise – all activities will take place on board the ship in port. If you read the fine print you shall see that there is actually no legal obligation to take you anywhere . . . maybe they’ll cruise up the coast to Charleston, dock for a day and come back. In any event, it will NOT be canceled . . . why would they want to cancel and give all that money back? You don’t being seasick the whole trip? There is no guarantee about that either.

  • Wrona

    Joe, Charleston wouldn’t be an option for this cruise due to the Passenger Vehicle Services Act. To top in another US port, they have to make port in a foreign port. If they can’t make port in the Bahamas, it is more likely to become a cruise to nowhere – make no port stops. No matter what the cruise won’t be cancelled.