Crunch time for the airlines


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Today’s Top Story

Crunch time for the airlines
The numbers should be out next week. Come Tuesday (or Wednesday or Thursday), we’ll finally have the statistical proof from the DOT to back up the general consensus that 2007 was an abysmal year in air travel. (

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What’s New On Tripso

Remedies for what ails you in the air
Is your airplane flight giving you a headache? Has that sandwich you wolfed down before boarding given you a bad case of collywobbles? Don’t ask the flight attendants for help. They won’t dispense any medications – even over-the-counter ones. James Wysong offers homegrown cures for 16 in-flight ailments. Is he a doctor? No, but he’s been a flight attendant for 20 years, and he’s got answers for everything from sneezing fits to stinky feet. (James Wysong)

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More travel news

Heavy snow, wind slam Western states
Heavy snow pummeled Western states from Washington to Arizona, closing schools and government offices, causing widespread havoc on roads and even shutting down one ski resort. (AP)

TSA tester slips mock bomb past securityAn undercover TSA tester — looking every bit the middle-aged man on an uneventful trip to anywhere — shows a boarding pass and an ID to a TSA document checker, and he is directed to a checkpoint where, unbeknown to the security officer on site, the real test begins. He gets through, which in real life would mean a terrorist was headed toward a plane with a bomb. (CNN)

The Greenbrier unable to recapture fifth star
Despite a $50 million renovation, a fifth star has once again eluded The Greenbrier. (AP)

Fly naked on a nudist holiday flight
German nudists will be able to start their holidays early by stripping off on the plane if they take up a new offer from an eastern German travel firm. (Reuters)

W.Va. mayor uses magazine as ID for airport security
Charleston Mayor Danny Jones had a problem as he tried to get through the security gate at a California airport: He had misplaced his driver’s license, and the expired one in his wallet wouldn’t do. (AP)

Today’s Travel Blogs

‘Top off’ fee explained: ‘Everyone drives a little after filling the tank
The travel community was outraged last week when my colleague Bob Sullivan reported that Dollar had begun charging a $2 “top off” fee at certain locations. But why? No one has gotten a straight answer from the car rental agency, except a claim that the new fee was “not a widespread practice.” (

Continental teaming up with JetBlue for in-flight WiFi
You know what? Why don’t we just assume everyone except US Airways is going to test out in-flight WiFi this year? Continental is the latest carrier to jump on the bandwagon. The airline will partner with JetBlue’s subsidiary LiveTV to offer, ahem, live TV and airborne email and IM. (Jaunted)

Flying Continental later this week? Stop by Newark for free hot dogs
If you’re traveling through Newark on Continental Airlines this Thursday or Friday, stop by one of the Phoenix bound gates — you might be able to score some free goodies. (Gadling)

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