Delta flight attendant uniforms over the years


Here is a fun trip through the airlines’ past. A short look at Delta Air Lines’ flight attendant (stewardesses back then) uniforms. This collection of photos is enjoyable from seeing the changes that have taken place in styles to the changes in how flight attendants are seen by the public.

Click here for a gallery of flight attendant uniforms from the Propeller Era (1940-1959).

This was the first uniform worn by Delta flight attendants, or “stewardesses,” as they were called at the time. Military styling of a navy blue jacket fastened with brass buttons, a gored skirt, an overseas cap and white gloves. The white silk blouse had a pleated front.

The uniform was purchased from Rich’s Department Store in Atlanta. Cost to employee: $110, which was payroll deductible.

Click here for the flight attendant uniforms from the Jet Era (1959-today).

Delta’s first Jet Age uniform was designed by Academy Award winner Edith Head, chief designer for the Paramount movie studio.

The shirtwaist dress of honey-beige wool gabardine was complemented by a leather belt and a “jet flame” orange ascot. The Chanel-inspired jacket featured fabric-covered buttons and three-quarter length sleeves. This uniform also included a variation of the 1940s military cap and “cinnamon brown” kid gloves, three-inch stiletto heels and a leather topcoat.

Enjoy a look back in time as the airlines, in this case, Delta, developed.

  • Frank

    Sighhhhh, I’ve been in black, tan, grey and blue airline uniforms. Great history into the past, Lynn.

    Wanna see a real collection, well, click here:
    This collection is amazing.

  • John C F

    Wow, does the lead picture bring back memories. My sister was a “stewardess” for Delta in the late 60’s, and that was the uniform she wore. I still have her “official” portrait wearing it.