Delta out of bankruptcy


Delta out of bankruptcy — Delta Air Lines emerged from bankruptcy early Monday, following a 19-month reorganization that saw it fight off a hostile takeover. (CNN/

Tripso Traveler: Ambling through Adelaide — Adelaide with its tall buildings and bustling traffic was a dramatically different scene from Barossa and the mountains that border Adelaide to the north and east. (Charles Leocha on Tripso)

‘Shocking’ Legoland coaster death — A 21-year-old employee at the Legoland amusement park was killed in a roller coaster accident, police and park officials said Monday. (AP)

Commute nightmare after fiery Bay Area crash — Bay Area residents began potentially their worst commute in almost two decades Monday, a day after one of the region’s most traveled sections of freeway melted and collapsed following a fiery crash. (AP)

Air fares in fourth quarter rose — In what is a boon for airlines but bad news for travelers, a new government report showed the price of plane tickets rose last year to their highest fourth-quarter level since 2000. (AP)

Old Steel City embraces the arts — No longer the smoky steel town of days past, the hometown of pop artist Andy Warhol is increasingly becoming known for its thriving arts community. This year alone, the city will host three national and international arts conferences, including a yearlong celebration of glass art and a gathering of museum directors. (AP)

Travel in Latin America: Cheaper and easier — Now, thanks to an increase in low-cost airlines in Brazil and Mexico, which account for 60 percent of Latin America’s air traffic, it’s getting easier to jet around. (The New York Times) (Registration required.)

A foodie scene in the Twin Cities — In another sign of a cultural awakening, dining out in this city of sensible industry is no longer confined to steakhouses. (The New York Times) (Registration required.)

Tech toys for business travelers — Business travel doesn’t have to be tough. Taking along a few time-saving, stress-free can mean the difference between a trip without a bump in the road and a trip that is, well, bumpy. (Forbes)

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