In a move to match US Airways Shuttle’s offering, Delta will offer first class service on its shuttle flights between New York and Washington and New York and Boston beginning December 1. The MD88s will now have 14 First class seats and 128 economy seats.

While the press release doesn’t say what the fare difference will be, Delta spokeswoman Betsy Talton tells the Wall Street Journal that it will “cost between $100 and $250 more for a first-class shuttle seat, depending on the route.”

So what will first class get? They will have “an expanded selection of snack options, a more expansive offering of complimentary cocktails and wider, more comfortable seats,” although Talton didn’t go into detail as to what “expanded” means.

Airline consultant Stuart Klaskin says that Delta made a smart move by adding the first class cabin. He suggests that by doing so, it could help generate “incremental revenue” for Delta from those who might have taken Amtrak. Additionally, they’ll have the opportunity to “court a premium customer base — the lawyers, financial types and politicians who flitter between the three cities.”

What do you readers think? Is the short hop between the two city pairs worth paying the additional fee? Let us know.