Want an advanced seat on Spirit Airlines? Prepare to pay up.

Adding insult to injury, Spirit Airlines has decided to charge you between $10 to $15 if you want to book any seat in advance. Additionally, that fee is for each leg.

Following other airlines’ lead (like Air Canada and Allegiant Air), the “ultra low-cost carrier” will be charging you if want to book your seat assignments online. It’ll be $5 for a middle seat, $10 for an aisle seat, and $15 for a window seat.

Of course you can wait until you get to the airport, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the seat you want, especially if the flight is oversold.

Don’t forget that Spirit also charges you $15 for the first checked bag online, $25 for the first checked bag at the airport, and $25 for the second checked bag, regardless of whether you’re checking it online or at the airport.

Let’s figure this out here.

Let’s say you’ve somehow managed to snag a $10 fare on Spirit and you want advance seat assignments. You’re a party of 4, each member has one bag to check.

$10×4=$40 (before taxes and government fees).

You’re checking bags online, so $15×4=$60. You want advance seat assignments, so that’s another $40 (two aisles, one middle, one window).

Even before taxes and fees, your fare is already $140 (that’s a 250% increase).

And that’s one way!

Amtrak is looking better and better.