Domestic fares plunge 9 percent: “biggest quarter-to-quarter drop on record”

All this talk of higher airfares begs for some perspective. The Bureau of Transportation Statistics just released its latest airfare data, which showed a record drop in ticket prices.

The government’s numbers are pretty jaw-dropping: Domestic air fares plummeted 9.1 percent in the first quarter of 2009 from the fourth quarter of 2008, the biggest quarter-to-quarter fall on record.

Here’s the full report.

Here’s a breakdown:

Highest fares

1. Huntsville, Ala. $505
2. Cincinnati $446
3. Grand Rapids, Mich. $418
4. Savannah, Ga. $405
5. Des Moines, Ia. $403

Lowest fares

1. Long Beach, Calif. $207
2. Oakland, Calif. $227
3. Burbank/Glendale/Pasadena, Calif. $231
4. Dallas Love, Tex. $231
5. Las Vegas $235

Just a note or two on these numbers. Yes, I am aware that it’s the third quarter. And fares have been creeping upward lately. Still, the first-quarter drop is unprecedented, any way you look at it. And if it happened before, it can happen again.

Like … maybe this fall?

  • marge

    The airlines are making their profits from the additional $5 to check luggage….:)