DOT investigates airlines


Government investigates airline snafus — The Department of Transportation yesterday launched a formal investigation into the weekend’s travel disruptions involving US Airways and Comair that left thousands of passengers stranded or separated from their baggage. The expedited probe will be the first step in what the agency’s inspector general said would be a major audit of the airline industry’s performance.

Hopes fade for missing tourists — Hopes are fading for tourists missing in some of Asia’s most popular resorts, two days after a tsunami battered Indian Ocean coastlines, killing more than 26,000 people and stranding many more.

A real-life ‘Midnight Express’ ends — The family of the Hollywood screen and television actor, Erik Aude, was celebrating his return home to Los Angeles yesterday from almost three years spent in a Pakistani prison for drug smuggling.

Car rental systems must second-guess — My son looked at the minuscule trunk of the rental car, then at our stack of luggage—made larger than usual by an extra suitcase full of Christmas gifts, on their way to their place below the tree at his grandparents’ house. Politely, but firmly, he said, “No way, Dad.”

Borneo hotel guests filmed during sex — Local travellers have advised prospective holidaymakers going to Sarawak not to stay in budget hotels as “they may be secretly filmed by hidden cameras in their rooms.”

Las Vegas ‘Monofail’ tries, tries again — When it debuted in mid-July, this city’s sleek $650 million monorail was supposed to be the envy of the nation, a high-tech public transit system paid for without taxpayer money that would be so popular it could even turn a profit. But during a busy convention season, bits and pieces of the trains started falling off, potentially endangering anything below, and the system was shut down indefinitely for major repairs.