Editors note: Don’t like our politics? Then write for us


It’s the same thing every four years at Tripso: We post a story or two with a political angle just before the presidential election, and just as predictably, the fireworks go off.

Readers flame us. People threaten to boycott our site. You’d think the world is ending.

This year, we have Janice Hough and Charlie Leocha to thank for incendiary election-year commentaries.

Their posts have provoked angry outbursts from readers, like this one:

That’s it for me too – Dear Tripso Advertisers – you just lost a pair of eyes.

I may not agree with even 25% of what GWB does, but I am not going to have my political beliefs insulted by some travel industry hack.

This is my last post here. I’ll take my travel information, comments and advertizer [sic] viewing eyes elsewhere.

A terrible thing, losing your eyes. Or any other part of your body, for that matter.

If I were a registered Republican, I would certainly agree with this reader’s sentiment. The post in question, which touched on some of the current administration’s regrettable foreign policy decisions, would not be warmly embraced by McCain voters.

Nor would Charlie’s post about air traffic control and the two candidates ever be required reading for an Obama supporter.

But that’s neither here nor there.

Instead of flaming us, or bothering the few advertisers we have left, why not do something meaningful?

Why not write for us?

This blog is an open forum for travelers of all political beliefs. I should note, for the sake of balance, that I’m not a registered Democrat, either.

So not to belabor the point. But here’s my challenge to those of you who are upset that a Tripso contributor is expressing an opinion.

Quit your complaining and start writing for us.

  • Ann

    Well, I admit that I had comments to both Charlie’s and Janice’s commentaries; however, even though I disagreed with Charlie’s, I never threatened to stop reading Tripso, or “tattle” to the advertisers. (Please, stop the drama, folks.)

    I am an Obama supporter, so I’m biased, but go back and read what Charlie had to say and what Janice had to say. Charlie’s commentaries were pure speculation, while what Janice had to say was true, based on my experience. It seems wherever I travel outside of the U.S., people want to know where I’m from, and when I tell them, they bring up politics. And whether Bush supporters like it or not, we hear how much he is disliked and how America has suffered because of him, mainly due to the very unpopular war in Iraq. The only country I’ve been to that hasn’t slammed Bush is Albania….in fact, they have stamps with his likeness.

    I also agree that an Obama win will change the world’s perception of America, and in a good way, thank goodness. (We Americans just want to be loved. ; – )

  • Amy

    Meh. Those eyes that were leaving will just change their posting names and continue to read and comment here. Tripso is addicting!

  • Dr Registered Nurse

    Well, I always say that those who who fuss about disenting opinions and threaten to pick up their toys and go home are NOT true Americans! We have the right, nay the responsibility, to engage in open debate and SUPPORT the right of others to see the world differently (that is if you have eyes to see….Hee). So I plan to go right on reading Tripso, make comments when I don’t agree, and warmly embrace everyone whose views DON’T agree with mine…even when they threaten to ‘go home’ in a huff.(PS I am not a registered Dem or Republican but a happy NH Independent! And a commercial pilot’s spouse who travels A LOT for my career)

  • Alan

    All democracies in history have failed, with a life span approximating 200 years. All have failed when their citizens began to believe that they could take more from the government than they put into the government.
    If one were to look at the re-distribution of wealth via the Socialistic programs that have already been put into place in the United States, (Progressive Income Taxes, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, “Earned Income Tax Credit” and more) then add on the new Socialistic (or Communistic, take your choice) programs envisioned and promised by Obama, then one does not have to look far down the road to envision the failure and end of the American democracy.
    To my amazement, there are apparently millions of people in the US that actually think that reducing taxes on the “poor” (apparently an income level of as much as $100,000 according to Obama–and the under $50km or so pay NO Income Tax now!) and increasing taxes on the “wealtly”, identified by Obama at various times as being those with incomes over $250,000 or over $200,000 or over $150,000, is:
    1) Not Socialistic or Communistic, although this operating principal of
    “From each, according to his ability; to each, according to his need” is a well known quote from Karl Marx and a principle of Communistic operation.
    2) Not a Socialist operating principle of redistribution of wealth.
    3) Workable in the United States while not only facing our existing deficit spending, existing entitlements, then adding massive additional deficits for such a tax program.
    I expect Obama to slash the defense budget to try to fund his socialistic goals, then attempt to negotiate with terrorists to protect the US.
    Get out your burqas, ladies!

  • Turtletrot1

    I agree with the European traveler…….everyone I met in Germany and some people from Austria wanted to talk about our politics. It was on local news. It was in local newspapers. Not overkill, but there. (We don’t see much of European politic here.)
    The refreshing part of my 3 week trip was NO TV ADS for Candidates, for lawyers to sue, for drug companies telling us to tell our doctors what we should be using.

  • Turtletrot1

    I agree with the European traveler…….everyone I met in Germany and some people from Austria wanted to talk about our politics. It was on local news. It was in local newspapers. Not overkill, but there. (We don’t see much of European politic here.)
    The refreshing part of my 3 week trip was NO TV ADS for Candidates, for lawyers to sue, for drug companies telling us to tell our doctors what we should be using. Refreshing, to say the least. Good news coverage by BBC in English on the radio, with nothing belabored.

  • Robert Martin

    I only wonder why it is at all necessary for a travel site to introduce poliitics! From all that I read, you are the only ones that have done so. The others stick to what they know best–travel.

  • Gracie

    People just need to learn….EVERYONE has a right to their opinion!!
    I don ‘t go to any forum and voice MY opinion on the issue and expect anyone to agree with me, but….it’s called “Freedom of Speech”.
    I listen to you….you listen to me….then we part ways shakin our heads…lol.
    Keep up the good work here on Tripso!
    What’s the next topic to whine about going to be? lol

  • edna

    Who cares who votes for whom? The big picture is will they work with the FAA to make air travel safer, will they stop the madness that is the TSA, and will they restore our First and Fourth Amendment rights that are being tromped on like old corn stalks?>

  • http://www.caribbeancostaricans.citymax.com Max Hartman

    Here in Puerto Limon, Costa Rica, where Costa Rica received her name meaning “rich coast” in 1502, over 90% of the population wants to see an Obama win, while at the same time, they are awaiting ratification of the TLC (Free-Trade Agreement), a replacement for the CBI (Caribbean Basin Initiative). With the current economic status, I like to tell travelers and tourists in the Northern and Central USA and in Canada, “Fly South for the Winter” to Costa Rica. We’ll be waiting!

  • Prof B

    Wheeeeee! I love this one from Alan:

    Pssst! Don’t look now, Alan, but Karl Marx stole that from Adam Smith….

  • Anonymous

    Wheeeeee! I love this one from Alan:

    Pssst! Don’t look now, Alan, but Karl Marx stole that from Adam Smith….

    I think that’s probably a false statement Prof. and you are just trying to be funny.
    Even if it is some sort of historicical truth however it doesn’t prove anything.
    The tenents layed out by Marx are diametrically opposed to those of Smith.
    Communism and socialism are not friends to freedom. Freedom is what makes humans who we are.The freedom to be free from politics is one I quite enjoy.
    I don’t enjoy having that freedom disrupted, by reading some socialist supporting rant on Tripso. Clear enough? I sure hope so.

  • A former reader

    ‘Freedom of speech’ only applies to government control – not to what a blog controlled by a private party asserts or displays. Edna no more has ‘freedom of speech’ on this blog than I can call up President Elect Obama and actually reach him to express my personal opinion. Every has a right to their opinion, where and how they express it is subject to regulation – in this case by the blog owner.

    The poster who left, clearly was NOT trying to control other peoples thoughts, opinions or expressions. How could ANYONE get that from the post? He thought it was inappropriate to post about denigrating one’s President outside the country. He further thought it was inappropriate to do so on a travel blog.

    As for what Germans and others want to talk about – great. Interact, give them your personal opinion. You want to wear an anti-Bush shirt, go ahead. It is inappropriate for a blog on travel. It would have been perfectly fine to opine that when traveling overseas other people are interesting in American politics when they determine, easily in most cases, you are an American. go ahead, talk, criticize, cajole, disagree with, listen to them. Just remember that they have a different focus than Americans have.

    And try to also respect the fact that people do not want to be reminded of the current situation

  • Prof B

    Hey Anonymous: Here’s Adam Smith — “The subject of every State ought to contribute towards the support of the government, as nearly as possible, in proportion to their respective abilities; that is, in proportion to the revenue which they respectively enjoy under the protection of the State” (An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations).

    Karl Marx moved to London in 1859, where he spent the remainder of his life. While there, he read everything that was known about capitalism and political economy at the time and composed a three-volume history of economic theory, focused primarily on the work of Adam Smith and David Ricardo. Most of what appears in Marx’s Grundrisse and Das Kapital consists of an extended series of essays reacting to adapting the work of Smith and Ricardo to the theory of class struggle that Marx and Friedrich Engels first elaborated in The Communist Manifesto.

    In any case, people misinterpret the political significance of the phrase. Marx argued that “from each/to each” would characterize the final stage of socialism. Income redistribution in a capitalist economy, “socialistical” though it might be, precedes that stage by many, many years. So don’t worry — the Reds aren’t coming for you just yet.

    Incidentally, the phrase itself isn’t Marx’s either; it appears in the work of the French Utopian, Claude Henri de Rouvroy, Comte de Saint-Simon, who lived from 1760 to 1825.

    And since this is a travel posting, let me point out that I learned all this by reading. On a plane.

  • Anonymous

    @Prof: Exactly. He (Marx) completely modified it in order to suit his world view.
    It’s also cold comfort that America is only taking the beggining steps towards communism. To paraphrase “Don’t worry, this is only the beggining…” doesn’t exactly warm my spirit, thanks all the same. Your logic to relate the reply, jestful as it was, to travel, points out the very same twisted logic by which Janice Hough tried to justify her post. Again, by that logic, physics papers should be a mainstay here, because without an understanding of areodynamics, or gravity, planes couldn’t fly. It seems to me, in hindsight, that Tripso was going for the political jugular the day before the election. So it seems it was allowed if the term can be used, as a gimmick. There’s a reason poltical posts aren’t a mainstay here outside of election season. Do you know why that is? The bloggers at Tripso would have a very difficult time justifying their bias (one way or the other) to their readers.That they don’t is proof enough that most readers come to this site for one thing: Travel news.

  • Skip

    I’d be pleased and honored to contribute to this website. Thanks for the invitation–or was it a challenge? Anyway, I’m in. Tell me who to kill ;-)

  • Skip

    Just a heads-up: Christopher, your email address doesn’t work–I tried twice and got a daemon response. Please contact me on your own email so that I can respond. Thanks!