Ernesto, moving toward Florida, may strengthen


Ernesto, moving toward Florida, may strengthen — Tropical Storm Ernesto moved over water north of Cuba Tuesday and was expected to strengthen before striking Florida, the National Hurricane Center said. (CNN)

Greyhound bus crash kills 5 — A Greyhound bus overturned Monday evening on Interstate 87 in upstate New York, killing at least five passengers and injuring numerous others, according to Ray Thatcher with Essex County Emergency Services. (CNN)

NTSB: Pilots rolled on despite unlit runway
— As Comair Flight 5191 sped down the runway before dawn Sunday, the pilots commented that the runway lights were off but continued with their takeoff, a preliminary investigation has revealed. (CNN)

Small, regional aircraft have reputation for safety — Small, fast regional jets such as the Comair craft that crashed in Kentucky are among the safest and most widely used planes in the sky. Sunday’s accident, which killed 49 of the 50 passengers and crewmembers aboard, was the first U.S. crash of a regional jet in which passengers died. (USA Today)

A year later, recovery in New Orleans not easy — According to the Brookings Institution, a Washington-based think tank, roughly a third of the city’s schools, hospitals and libraries remain closed, as do half the city’s public transportation routes. (CNN)

Fliers board faster as fewer carry on bags — In an unforeseen twist, new security rules for carry-on bags are enabling airline passengers to get on and off planes faster, helping flights leave on time. The reason: less on-board congestion from fewer carry-ons stowed in overhead bins or under seats. (USA Today)

Elite security lines bug some but not others — Travelers love them or hate them, but few are without an opinion about the special lines most airlines maintain to whisk their best customers through security checkpoints. (USA Today)

New museums open at Mount Vernon — New facilities, a craft fair and fall foliage all make this a good time of year to pay a visit to George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate. The Ford Orientation Center and the Donald W. Reynolds Museum and Education Center, open Oct. 27. (AP)

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