Feds: Airplane sexual assaults not uncommon


Feds: Airplane sexual assaults not uncommon — Sexual assault on airplanes is more common than most people know and is
usually committed against sleeping women, according to research by federal prosecutors in Boston.

Airline passengers injured in turbulence
Several passengers from a United Airlines flight from Europe that landed at San Francisco International Airport Wednesday were taken to the hospital after being injured when the aircraft hit severe turbulence, authorities said.

Travel agents warn of sites offering fake credentials
— According to numerous e-mails and Internet sites, you can become a travel agent without courses or training, then enjoy free and heavily discounted travel.

TSA gets hard eye for sloppy use of airline passenger info — The Transportation Security Administration is being criticized for the way it handled personal information about airline passengers while developing a new screening system.

Hotel-motel tax wins big vote in Senate committee — Charleston, W.Va., and other cities around the state could soon have the
opportunity to raise hotel-motel occupancy taxes from 3 percent up to 6 percent, after a bill to authorize the first increase in 20 years gained a major legislative victory Friday.

Cashing in on foreign currency — Beginning in April, Hertz will charge a 2.5 percent “administration fee” to convert the cost of overseas car rentals into dollars, rather than leaving it to credit card companies to handle the transaction and rake in related charges.