Find out what it’s really going to cost you to fly


So you’ve bought your airline ticket. How much is it going to cost if you check a bag and purchase a meal on board? A new site promises to help.

Flying allows you figure out what additional fees you’ll be paying on top of the ticket price.

Here’s how it works:

1. Select the airline from a list of 23 of the most common ones.
2. Pick any add-ons such as first checked bag, seat preference, snack, etc. Note that the site will only display add-ons that will incur a fee for that airline.
3. Click on Display My Fees.

The site will then display what the minimum fee each add-on will cost (one way). It will also give you a tabbed chart of carry-on limitations; fee for the first and additional checked bags, sports equipment, and military personnel fees (if any).

For example, let’s say you’re flying United Airlines. The site will then display all of the applicable add-ons. You choose Baggage Check-1st bag and Snack. Press Display My Fees and the site will show you a minimum fee of $15 for the bag check and $3 for the snack.

You can also display fees for every option for each airline, find the lowest five airlines when it comes to fees, alternate airports (which may save you money), airline news, and air travel taxes.

The site, developed by Matt Henterley,is updated at least once a week and it does appreciate any feedback and corrections to the fee display.

This is definitely a useful site and one that you should reference before you travel.