Funny videos: View from a travel agent’s desk, dealing with lost luggage, George Carlin classic


Travel agent training video

Courtesy of Karen Cumming’s sharp eyes, here is a short show that purports to be a training video for travel agents used to get them ready for the different clients they may meet. If you are a travel agent, you’ll see lots here that seems very familiar. For us clients, try not to be one of these customers who don’t really know what they want or want, ahem, a bit too much.

British comedian reporting damaged luggage

It doesn’t get much funnier than this, unless you are the one left with only your luggage handle. I was laughing out loud. Rhod Gilbert, a Welsh comedian does a great job describing landing in Australia and finding only the tagged handle of his suitcase riding around the carousel. (Hat tip to John, one of our readers, for digging out the name of the comedian.)

George Carlin on flying

George Carlin’s classic routine on flying