Gas prices aren’t prompting resort savings


Gas prices, so far, aren’t prompting many resort discounts — Many of the gas vouchers and discount cards that inns and tourist-dependent towns have been offering every summer are available again now. But there are precious few new incentives to be found. (The New York Times)

TSA tries bonuses to keep workers — The Transportation Security Administration will pay airport screeners up to a $1,000 bonus to entice them to stay at the turnover-plagued agency as it prepares for a summer of record air travel. (USA Today)

GPO senators hurry to quell fury over gas — Senate Republicans tried on Thursday to get the upper hand in the escalating political battle over high gasoline prices by proposing a $100 rebate for taxpayers and by suggesting that they might increase taxes on oil-industry profits. (The New York Times)

Blogger who criticized Maine tourism office faces lawsuit — A coastal Maine blogger who criticized the state’s tourism office has been hit with a lawsuit seeking potentially more than $1 million in damages for allegedly making false statements and posting on his website, Maine Web Report, images from proposed tourism advertisements a New York agency prepared for Maine officials. (The Boston Globe)

Dry Southwest, uncertain summer — This year snow and rain have largely passed the Southwest by, prompting Forest Service officials to act. Drought means fire danger, and when that danger is high enough, the public is barred. Forest Service officials are predicting an early start to this year’s wildfire season, which could be severe. (The New York Times)

Hotel housekeepers create luxury – but at a cost — Travelers love those heavenly, cushy hotel mattresses — but hotel housekeepers don’t. A just-released study of 40,000 hotel workers’ injuries at 87 U.S. lodgings from 1999 to 2005 found that room attendants had the highest injury rate. (USA Today)

Online travel faces search competition
— Although online travel companies saw strong first-quarter bookings, increasing competition from suppliers and search engines could pressure long-term earnings growth, according to a Merrill Lynch report. (Forbes)

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