Gas prices up to record high


Gas prices up to record high — Gas prices rose nearly two cents over the past two weeks, to a record high of $3.02 per gallon of self-serve regular, a national survey reported Sunday. (CNN)

Thousands re-screened after airport security breach — Both terminals at John Wayne Airport were temporarily evacuated Sunday evening and passengers were taken off airplanes after a female passenger made it past a security checkpoint without being screened, authorities said. (AP)

Airbus admits A380 fuselage problems — Airbus acknowledged Monday it had reinforced the rear fuselage of its superjumbo A380 after problems were detected, but insisted the issue did not cause any further delays in the plane’s production timetable. (AP)

Sites stake out, capture elusive beast: the fare deal — Airline bargains have evaporated in the heat. But a few new online tools may make them easier to find. (The Los Angeles Times)

Paying for coverage you may not need — Coverage or no coverage? Rent a car and that’s one of the first questions you’ll be asked at the counter. The inquiry is about supplemental rental car insurance, an extra $20 to $40 a day for protection from damage, liability and theft. Many customers agree to buy the coverage out of fear of what will happen if they decline. (The New York Times)

If the noisy wait at the airport is getting to you, join the club — Airlines’ VIP lounges are a respite from a busy terminal. Day passes offer entry, as do annual memberships. (The Los Angleles Times)

Marriott smoking ban is sign of the times — Now that a second major hotel chain, Marriott International Inc., announced on last week that it would go smoke-free, analysts say they expect even more hotels to do the same. (AP)

US Airways touches down in three new cities — US Airways expanded its lineup of flights to Europe this summer, with new service from its Philadelphia hub to Milan, Italy; Stockholm, Sweden; and Lisbon, Portugal. The Arizona-based airline now has 19 daily flights to 16 cities in 10 countries throughout Europe. (The Arizona Republic)

Report: Las Vegas flight quarantined — A section of the airport at Las Vegas, Nev., was closed for several hours after a flight arrived from Denver with 11 sick people on board, officials said Sunday. (AP)

Amazon founder’s spaceport plans moving forward — An environmental study facing scrutiny this week offers a tantalizing glimpse into the secretive West Texas private spaceport project being bankrolled and developed by founder Jeff Bezos. (AP)

Cruise ship in mishap picks up new passengers in NYC — A cruise ship that unexpectedly heeled to one side during a trip through calm Atlantic waters off Florida picked up a new load of passengers Saturday for its first voyage since the mishap. (AP)

Utah struggles to combat its image as dull — Tourists love Utah’s ski resorts, red rock formations and fine restaurants. It’s finding something to do once the sun sets that’s giving the state an image problem. (AP)

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