Sometimes the comments on an airline-sanctioned video are as interesting as the video itself. Delta Air Lines just posted these impressive images of its new lie-flat business class seat.

Its timing probably couldn’t be worse. But the product has never looked better.

We’re talking everything from ample legroom and true lie-flat capabilities to power outlets and USB chargers.

And then there’s the chatter …

“I wish I could afford a reclining seat …”

Don’t we all?

wow i wud luv to travel on Delta

With that speech impediment? You’ll probably be denied boarding for having one too many.

How WIDE is the seat?  When it is fully flat, how much space (width) is between the arm rests? The guy at time 1:02 is NOT that big but he barely fits and doesn’t look that comfortable…

Good point. The seats do look a little narrow.

I love my DELTA!

Hmm. You sound like you work for Delta.

Here’s the thing: Delta, which published this video on YouTube, also controls the comments. So if there’s anything overly negative, it can delete them.

I think the comments they allowed say enough, already.