Inspectors find airplane food warehouse infested with rodents


Inspectors find airplane food warehouse infested with rodents — A storage facility for airplane food at O’Hare was shut down Tuesday after city inspectors found it infested with rodents.
Authorities closed Gate Gourmet Storage where airline snack foods such as pretzels, pop and beer are stored.

Online travel deals invite scams — Travel scams are growing in number and sophistication, said Kathryn W. Sudeikis, president of the American Society of Travel Agents, and college students scouring the Internet for cheap tickets to spring break destinations are becoming easy targets.

Web map bogs down travelers — You click on a travel Web site to plot the quickest route from Salt Lake City to Phoenix. You take Interstate 15 to state Route 20 south of Beaver and then go east to U.S. 89 before taking state Route 12 out of Panguitch. Next, the Web site says to drive south for 43 miles on Cottonwood Road. But a posted sign proclaims the dirt road closed and impassable. What to do?

The world’s last Frank Lloyd Wright hotel is destined for eBay — Mason City, Iowa is home to the world’s last surviving Frank Lloyd Wright hotel. The Park Inn Hotel was the pride of the city when it was built in the early 1900s. Now it’s falling apart and the city has decided to take drastic action to save the building.

Pop-up and keyword advertising threaten hotel on-line brand — Before leaving on a business trip to Los Angeles, I wanted more information about the hotel where I was staying so I ran a search on Yahoo by entering the hotel’s name next to the words ‘Los Angeles’. At the top of the first search results page were two listings shaded in light blue under the words ‘Sponsor Results’ — one for Expedia and the other for LA Downtown Hotels.

Tips for getting free hotel upgrades — Today I’m going to get you a “suite” deal. If you are planning your vacation, plan on getting something for nothing.
At the better hotels here in San Francisco and around the world, suites cost plenty. Where room rates are listed in the hundreds of dollars, suites can go for thousands.

Airport waiting time costs British business half a billion pounds — Business travellers waste their companies more than half a billion pounds in lost productivity, according to research released today.
Wireless internet service provider BT Openzone says that British business travellers spend 689,000 hours a month waiting in airports, with most spending an average of two to three hours each month doing so.