International airline to allow cell phone chatter on planes


International airline to allow cell phone chatter on planes
— From cell phone use to high-speed Internet access, the connected life is spreading to the skies. In January, Emirates Airline plans to launch mobile phone usage in its planes, making it the first airline to allow passengers to make cell phone calls on its flights. (CNN)

Records detail missing TSA badges, uniforms — More than 3,700 identification badges and uniform items have been reported lost or stolen from Transportation Security Administration employees since 2003, according to documents obtained by a San Antonio television station. (Houston Chronicle)

Airlines’ plans to improve safety are barely off the ground — Next month marks the eighth anniversary of a debacle that redefined air rage: In January 1999, thousands of fliers endured hours trapped in Northwest Airlines jets at the snowbound Detroit airport, waiting for gates to free up.But here’s a date the airline industry can celebrate: June 17, 1999. That’s when it publicly swore to treat passengers better, thereby heading off regulation by an outraged Congress. And now it looks as though fliers were taken for a ride. (LA Times)

Cruise Ships: Dump the deal? — Celebrity Cruises says it made “an honest mistake” when it dumped more than 500,000 gallons of untreated wastewater in Washington waters. Now the company is asking the state’s Department of Ecology to reduce its $100,000 fine. (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Rare violin recovered after stolen in Mont. airport — A rare violin stolen in April at the airport in Billings has been recovered unharmed, apparently after the man who had it tried to sell it to a dealer in Canada, police and the violin’s owner said Wednesday. Deputy Police Chief Joe Bryce in Billings said that detectives, operating on a tip from the dealer in Ontario, posed as potential buyers and met with the man in Billings. (USA Today)

N.Y. airports celebrate 100 millionth passenger — A Taiwanese woman who arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport on Wednesday was named the 100 millionth passenger of the year at the region’s three major airports. (AP)

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