Interpersonal travel resolutions for a less-stressful new year


In 2009, I am committing to these 10 travel resolutions. I’ve got this funny feeling that if I can achieve even half of them, I know that not only will my experience be improved, but the entire environment along my path will be positively changed!

10. I will explore someplace new.

9. I will arrive early enough to enjoy a Quiznos breakfast sandwich – the most underrated breakfast item in the airport!

8. I will not over pack – if I can’t carry it or roll it easily, it’s not coming!

7. I will say hello to the airline employee stationed in the middle of the sea of people gathering for the ticket lines.

6. I will choose to enjoy my wait in the security line rather than let it suck the life out of me.

5. I will look people in the eyes and smile as I make my way through the crowded terminals.

4. I will help the person who is struggling to lift their bag into the overhead storage bin.

3. I will bring a good book to give to someone on my flight who is searching for something to read.

2. I will sit still when the airplane lands and the “ding” sound sends the entire plane into a frenzy.

1. I will step back from the baggage claim so that everyone can see the bags and help the person who is struggling to lift their luggage.

I’m going to try these resolutions. Want to join me?

Jason Barger is author of Step Back from the Baggage Claim: Change the World, Start at the Airport

  • Deb- a real pilot’s wife

    I do this anyway except the Quizno’s-will try on my next flight (most of which I need to purchase a full fare ticket-‘pass riding’ is too iffy). I also always thank the airline employees-they have a really tough job. Also, I work on having patience and helping a mom traveling alone w/kids or an elder having a little trouble walking fast enough for us youngers or carrying chatchkes; LISTENING to the flight attendant & pilot instructions; standing back from the podium to give folks boarding ahead some room-all this works. Makes things better for everyone.

  • Marilyn Long

    I especially like resolution #6. Many people don’t seem to realize that they are in charge of their own attitude. Choosing a positive frame of mind is an option.

  • Hapgood

    If you’re actually able to “enjoy [your] wait in the security line rather than let it suck the life out of [you],” more power to you. You’re clearly much closer to Zen Enlightenment than the overwhelming majority of people.