The Italian minister of tourism, known for her hot legs and short skirts more than for her political prowess, has come out swinging at Apple for including a light-hearted app about Italy for download. Italy was touted as being the land “Pizza, Mafia, Pasta and Scooters.” And, what’s wrong with that?

I’m really not sure why Italy’s minister of tourism got into the middle of this kerfuffle, but her photos are certainly showing up in European papers and magazines and her profile has risen with her strident comments.

Other countries were mentioned such as Germany that is summed up with “beer, discipline and autobahns” and the China that is noted to be overpopulated, kung fu crazed, Great Walled and focused on tea. Britain is characterized by “tea, weird sense of humor, football hooligans and rain.” I guess every country could sue. But only Italy has threatened to do so.

Michela Vittoria Brambilla the minister of tourism said that the app was “an affront to Italians’ dignity.” Hummm. The uproar has certainly helped with sales of the What Country app, but I don’t think many will be using the app much. It is fairly lame. Yes, I downloaded it to see if there was any justification for the minister’s ire. I saw none and I lived there for 12 years.

Michela Vittoria Brambilla, described the app as “offensive and unacceptable”, and has threatened legal action against its developers, Apalon of Belarus.

She said: “Italy is a beacon in the world for its history, culture and style. I cannot allow our country to be discredited by having it represented by a criminal organization.”

“For this reason I have asked Apple to withdraw the application from sale on its online site and asked the state attorney’s office to take legal action against those responsible for it.”

And how is the United States summed up on this lightweight app? It registers as “melting pot, hamburger and the American dream.” Nothing to sue about in that misguided description.

I give the app one star.