Jet crashes into house near London


A twin-engined Cessna Citation I crashed into a house Sunday in Farnborough, about 15 miles southeast of London, killing all five people aboard the plane. Former British auto racing champions David Leslie, 54, and Richard Lloyd, 63, are believed to have died in the crash, CNN reports. The plane had taken off from nearby Biggin Hill Airport and was heading to Pau, in southwest France, according to the report. Gary Walcraft, 16, said the pilot steered the plane away from the field where he was playing football with friends. “The plane was coming down with its landing gear down as if to make an emergency landing on the field,” he said. “I could see someone in the plane waving frantically out of the window at us to get out of the way. But at the last second the pilot pulled up somehow and gained some height. He was trying to avoid hitting us but then he clipped some trees and smashed into the house.”