JetBlue, Northwest plan to fight on Wright


JetBlue, Northwest plan to fight on Wright — Two airlines are objecting to the local compromise on the Wright Amendment, arguing that the proposed deal is unfair to competing airlines and would keep potential new service locked out of Dallas Love Field. (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

Man shot at Las Vegas airport — A man with a knife was shot and wounded at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport on Tuesday after he grabbed a child and ran through a security checkpoint, an airport spokesman said. (Reuters)

Navigating cell phone headaches overseas
— If you’re a frequent overseas business traveler, you’ve likely encountered the frustrations of using a cell phone abroad. Here are some tips that will keep you connected. (CNN)

Mid-Atlantic region braces for more rain — With rain falling again, cleanup crews were busy Tuesday piling sandbags and pumping water from the basement of the Internal Revenue Service building and from steam tunnels under the nation’s capital after days of heavy rain flooded the capital. (AP)

Protestors blockade Capri harbor — Angry islanders closed off Capri’s harbor on Tuesday, isolating the island tourist destination from the Italian mainland in a protest over plans to reduce the ferry runs that power the economy. (AP)

Travelers offsetting pollution — A website allows people to figure out how much carbon dioxide emissions their car or air travel is causing and helps them put money toward clean-energy and other environmentally friendly programs to reduce C02 emissions elsewhere. (AP)

In Albania, a capital full of contradictions — The wirter had arrived in Albania hoping to discover an untrammeled paradise hidden in the Balkans. What he found instead was a deeply weird place. (The New York Times)

10 spots to revel in America
— Next week marks the 230th anniversary of American independence, and while many people attach their national pride to the usual symbols (the flag, the Statue of Liberty, the Capitol) this writer has always gleaned his sense of patriotism from the possibilities of American travel. (AP)

At least 10 dead in Northeast flooding — Storms swept into the Northeast on Wednesday, forcing thousands of people from their homes, including more than 2,200 who fled from a rising Maryland lake. A section of interstate highway was washed out in New York state and at least 10 deaths were blamed on the stormy weather. Three people were missing. (AP)

Summer vacations run on empty — High gas prices may be stifling the traditional summer vacation. Only 39.8% of consumers plan to take a vacation within the next six months, a 28-year low, the Conference Board said Tuesday. That’s the fourth consecutive decline measured by the organization, which asks the question every other month. (USA Today)

One tacky resort city gets more class — Move over kitsch; step aside, tackiness. Make a little more room for the newest feature of this resort city: upscale shops and eateries. A Tiffany & Co. store and a Wolfgang Puck restaurant are arriving this week at high-end Atlantic City developments that are redefining a city once known for sprawling discount buffets and yesteryear’s lounge acts. (AP)

Once-stranded tourists leave Grand Canyon — Tourists who had been stranded at the Grand Canyon’s North Rim because of a road closure caused by a wildfire had all been escorted out of the national park by Tuesday afternoon, a park spokeswoman said. (AP)