Laughing about airline fees for everything


Here is a small selection of videos that we have collected to back up our continuing coverage of the airline fees for everything program. As always, we hope our readers enjoy these vignettes far more than their time flying with our major airlines. I am amazed that the comics aren’t producing more funny material.

Southwest Airlines is the only airline to hold out against fees. Travelers can even change their itinerary without resorting to paying a fee. Jet Blue still limits its fees only to changing tickets. The rest of the gang have gone fee-happy.

Here is a Southwest TV ad with tongue firmly in cheek — well maybe not so firmly. (There is a short 5-second-long commercial attached to this video. Bear with it.)

Another Southwest ad.

Mad-TV had fun with this skit about fees for some items that most of us haven’t considered yet. (No, they don’t mention a fee for the toilet.)

Gads! I’ve just spent an hour searching YouTube for funny airline stuff and this is all I could find dealing with airline fees. Let’s face it. The airlines are setting themselves up for some rollicking comedy. Keep an eye out. When you find a good link spoofing any aspect to travel let us know and we’ll add it to this list.

For heaven’s sake, we have to find something to laugh about.