LIFE IS A TRIP: The Transformative Magic of Travel


What is travel and what is tourism? For me, tourism is seeing the world from behind glass—in a hotel, a bus, a restaurant. You go to another country, and watch the people from a safe distance, while you check off sites in a guidebook. Travel means, above all, that you interact with people and experience their culture. This can happen in another country, on another continent, in the next town or even in your hometown. It is an attitude of openness, willingness to experience other ways of being and even learning from them.

It is not far-fetched to say that when you travel that way, you are contributing to world peace. Why? Because when you interact with others and get to know them, when you exchange ideas, you are less likely to want to go to war with each other. You build bonds, not bombs.

This kind of cultural interaction can be transformative for the traveler. She or he, through meaningful cultural interaction, can learn new solutions to life issues, and make a trip into a personal journey.

People are more freaked about spending money now, and are more selective about how they spend their travel dollars. They want experiences and life memories. They want to enrich their existences. I know of no better way than including hands-on interaction with other people on a trip.

A few weeks ago, my book, LIFE IS A TRIP: The Transformative Magic of Travel, came out. In it, I take the reader with me on l4 exotic trips. In each case, I learned a solution to a life issue—family discord, healing, death, forgiveness, faith, etc—from another culture. Because you are seasoned travel pros, I would LOVE to know what you think about it, and if we can dialogue about this kind of travel. I contacted the publisher and asked if they could offer you a 40% discount on the book, which only sells for $14.95 to begin with. Fortunately for me, the reviews have been very good. It has been endorsed by the editor of National Geographic Traveler, the travel editor of the L.A. Times, the president of the Adventure Travel Trade Association and many others.

Go to and enter the coupon code FEIN.

Or you can read reviews, an excerpt and order the book from the publisher, Amazon, or independent bookstores through my site,

May there be many wonderful travels in your life.

  • JoeInAtlanta

    It sounds like a wonderful book. I just took a glance to see if it were available on Kindle, and it is not. (I know the Kindle price is likely to be more than the generous 40% discount you were able to arrange — but I prefer book on Kindles both for the convenience as well as for the benefit to the environment in reducing paper consumption.)

    Can you please ask your publisher to give Amazon permission to distribute this book in Kindle format.

  • marge

    This is not an “article”. It’s an advertisement. :(

  • judie

    hi, joe in atlanta…..the publisher told me last week that it would be available on Kindle and I just wrote to check. marge, i am sorry you feel that way. i wrote the book because i wanted to promote the idea that travel can change your life…

  • A

    I tip housekeeping at a hotel $5 per night every morning. I think they are grossly underpaid for the hard work they perform. Excellent service at a restaurant gets the server 25 percent. Good service by a server gets 15 to 20 percent.

  • Richard

    As a world business traveller I often get a look into cultures that tourists never see. I’ve been to bars, clubs, restaraunts, stores, homes, offices where I was the only foreigner there, been the only non-african at a wedding in Africa, and many more situations.

    I agree with Marge that this was an ad rather than an article. However the book looks so interesting that I purchased it using the discount code given.

  • Carrie Charney

    I go to different countries to see the different non-human wildlife in their native habitats and to get to know the walking trails in the national and other parks. To view the birds, mammals, insects, reptiles, trees and plants is my reason to travel.