Megabus opens advanced booking through Thanksgiving

In a press release, announces that they are accepting reservations through November 30. This will allow travelers to reserve seats through the end of the Thanksgiving holidays.

Bus travel is becoming more and more comfortable and affordable, bringing new competition to many routes once only served by train and plane. Andrea Sachs of the Washington Post recently took to the road on buses for weeks to complete a story about the new world of bus travel.

The bus is making a comeback. That once maligned mode of transportation — search terms: Greyhound, runaways; Chinatown, fire — is becoming the au courant form of travel along the Northeast corridor. All the early adopters are taking it. But so, too, are people on budgets, Washingtonians who loathe the 233-mile drive to the Big Apple and bons vivants with an itch to head for New York at midnight to catch the after-hours parties.

The appeal is prodigious. The buses are cheap, convenient, well kitted-out and eco-approved. They are relatively hassle-free, especially because someone else is stuck navigating traffic. Baggage rules are more lax than on other forms of transportation, and there are no sneaky taxes or rules against carrying liquids, unless they have alcohol content. In addition, your pals, relatives and co-workers are hopping aboard. Do you really want to be left at the curb?

Here’s the press release from Megabus. Remember there are now a multitude of bus companies from which to choose. Go to to get an overview of different bus companies and to make reservations. is extending booking through Nov. 30, 2009. Extending booking dates through Nov. 30 will allow customers wishing to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday to book immediately.

Customers who are willing to book travel for Tuesdays and Wednesdays as well as early morning and late night are more likely to receive the lowest fares. amenities include new double-decker buses with free Wi-Fi, on-board restrooms, comfortable reclining seats and more.

Visit for additional information on routes, schedules, amenities and fares.

  • jlawrence01

    I have used Megabus on six occasions and must say that their buses are in great condition and the service is pretty good.

    Some of the first rides out of Chicago were interesting – drivers getting lost in Cincinnati, drivers not provided with fuel cards, etc. – but those start-up issues have been cleared up.