Most cargo still not screened


cargo1.jpgMost cargo still not screened — Two years after federal officials described a “gaping loophole” in air cargo security, little has changed in the way packages are handled by shippers who transport goods in the cargo holds of passenger planes. Air travelers who have had tweezers and pocket knives confiscated and their luggage X-rayed during airport security screening still sit a few feet away from cargo holds with contents that haven’t undergone anywhere close to the same level of scrutiny.

Supreme court hears cruise disability case — The US Supreme Court is taking up a case examining whether foreign-flag cruise ships doing business in US waters can be sued under the ADA for discrimination against disabled passengers. “The Americans With Disabilities Act is the nation’s promise to millions of persons with disabilities that they will be treated as full citizens,” says Washington lawyer Thomas Goldstein in his brief to the high court. “Norwegian Cruise Line, however, claims that it has the right to flout that promise.”

Airlines are squeezing workers — The airline industry — battered by record fuel prices, low-cost competition, the lingering effects of the 2001 terror attacks and other problems — is squeezing workers accustomed to generous union-negotiated pay, robust pensions and enviable job security. Analysts say workers have no choice but to adjust.

Want a bargain? Let Southwest ‘Ding’ you — Deeming e-mail alerts too slow for the most aggressive bargain hunters, Southwest Airlines now has an even quicker way to notify customers about its cheapest fares. Beginning today, Southwest will offer exclusive deals through free downloadable software called Ding, which can be found at the company’s website.

Hotels bring exercise equipment to guests — Being on the road used to be a viable excuse for bailing on a workout. No gym, no safe place to run outdoors — no exercise. But now there’s little excuse for a routine going AWOL.

So much for security at Amsterdam airport — Robbers have seized diamonds and other gems worth tens of millions of pounds in an audacious ambush at one of Europe’s busiest airports. The gang hijacked a cargo vehicle at Schiphol airport, near Amsterdam. The van was loaded with precious stones, included a £1.2m consignment from a London firm.