NASA will release uncensored flight safety data tomorrow


Remember that controversial pilot survey conducted by NASA last year? Then you’ll probably also recall the uproar when, under pressure, the agency released the information earlier this year — albeit in what it calls a “redacted” form.

NASA now plans to update the study, also known as the National Aviation Operations Monitoring Service, on its site tomorrow. It promises to add “more information” from pilot survey responses.

According to the agency, the data files are “essentially the same files” posted to the Web site in late 2007 and early 2008. But they’re packaged differently and “contain fewer redactions than the original postings,” the agency says.

It would be difficult not to see this as anything else than a carefully-timed release of potentially embarrassing information. You’ll recall that the heavily-censored survey was first posted on Jan. 1, when most of the country was toasting the New Year.

Now, with most of the country worried about the next Great Depression and preoccupied with a presidential election, a Tuesday release date seems a little suspicious.

  • James M

    Daniel Schorr recently commented in his NPR segment that the current administration (and I would not limit it so) consider most problems not ones of action, behavior or competency, but one of public relations.

    This certainly seems to bear him out.